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Student clubs and organizations

At the University of Ottawa, there are over 100+ student organizations that operate independently or run by one of our services to provide the best overall student experience. We have clubs branching from academic, to athletic, to political; you are sure to find something for you.

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Faculty Student Associations

The Faculty Student Associations are managed by elected individuals in each faculty. Each faculty student association funds and oversees multiple subsidiary clubs operated by students and organizes many events.

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Greek life

Greek life is a term that embodies all sororities and fraternities that exist in the student community. Greek life organizations are independently run by students and some are chapter organizations.

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Clubs and committees

These organizations are funded either by UOSU or their perspective faculty student association. These clubs organize a variety of events and initiative to engage the student community. These organizations cover a wide variety of interests such as charity, politics, competitions, hackathons, religions, and arts. Some are even chapter organizations that you can find at each university!

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Health and wellness groups

Whether you are thinking about getting active or you are a lifelong exerciser, we welcome you to the uOttawa fitness community! Ask questions, share stories, photos, tips or learn from our certified fitness staff.

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Intramurals are self-organized sports teams that compete recreationally. In the COVID context, this group is a space for intramural participants to interact and chat with staff, to share stories, updates, game highlights, photos, videos and more!

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Regional mentors

Regional mentors are upper-year students who work to engage new uOttawa students based on their hometown. They offer academic support, social support, and they organize events to help students make new friends!

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Afro Caribbean Mentorship Program (ACMP)

The University of Ottawa partnered with the Afro-Caribbean Mentorship Program (ACMP) to support and foster values of inclusivity, awareness and community. ACMP offers activities on and off campus to support African, Caribbean, Black (ACB) and other racialized students on campus.

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International students

Our student mentors are available to answer any questions you may have about Canadian culture, uOttawa student life and more! 

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Represent your peers and make your voices heard!

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Student union (UOSU)

The union representing undergraduate students at the University of Ottawa.