Strategic Areas of Research

See how we have redefined our research pillars to move discovery and innovation forward to build a better world.

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Sylvain Charbonneau

“With Transformation 2030, we’re taking research in a new direction. The result is four Strategic Areas of Research that tackle some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.”

Sylvain Charbonneau

— Vice-President, Research and Innovation

Overview of Strategic Areas of Research

Following an extensive consultation with our research community, we have defined our new Strategic Areas of Research based on the following themes:

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Creating a sustainable environment

  • Canadian environment
  • Emerging materials and nanotechnology
  • Sustainable development, regulation and education
  • Sustainable natural systems, infrastructure, technology and energy
  • Synthetic biology
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Advancing just societies

  • Democratic governance, public policy and law
  • Human rights, migration, equality and social justice
  • Arts, culture and values
  • La Francophonie and bilingualism
  • Responsible management
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Shaping the digital world

  • Quantum and photonics technology
  • Law, ethics, security and policy
  • Digital health, digital humanities and digital entrepreneurship
  • Learning in a digital age
  • Digital technology development and applied artificial intelligence
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Enabling lifelong health and wellness

  • Reimagined health-care systems, practice-changing research and education
  • Genetics and systems biology of health and disease
  • Brain and mental health
  • Vascular and cardiovascular health
  • Regenerative medicine and innovative therapies
  • Infection, immunity and inflammation

Cross-cutting themes

The following themes apply to all areas of research: 

  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Knowledge mobilization, translation and transfer
  • International collaboration
  • La Francophonie and bilingualism
  • Indigenous knowledge

Directions and objectives

To achieve our research goals, we will:

  • DEMONSTRATE national and global leadership in Strategic Areas of Research.
  • STRENGTHEN international connections and collaboration.
  • EXPAND research opportunities through increased competitiveness and diverse sources of funding.
  • ENGAGE local, national and international communities and partners in areas of mutual interest and increase the impact of our research by promoting its uptake into policies, practices, services and products.
  • FOSTER AND CELEBRATE excellence, equity, diversity and inclusion in our research community and our research approaches.
  • SUPPORT state-of-the-art infrastructure and administrative structures to attract and retain world-class researchers and support them in their research.
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