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Just societies
David Robichaud
Just societies

In all fairness

Whether he is considering linguistic rights or wealth distribution, philosopher David Robichaud is always concerned with the concepts of equity and ju…
Just societies
Delphine Nakache
Just societies

A precarious fate

The lives of migrant workers in Canada are often fraught with difficulties. Delphine Nakache is seeking solutions to the complex legal issues involved…
Health and wellness
Dave Holmes
Health and wellness

Where few dare to tread

Dave Holmes’ research in forensic nursing challenges established practices in psychiatry, public health and corrections to provide more compassionate …
Just societies
Keri Cheechoo
Just societies

Blood memories

Keri Cheechoo explores the untold stories of reproductive violence against Indigenous women.
Sustainable environment
Daina Mazutis
Sustainable environment

Urban shift

What does it take to build greener cities? Daina Mazutis shows how progressive business leadership can go a long way.
Health and wellness
Michelle Giroux
Health and wellness

Human dignity across the lifespan

Michelle Giroux seeks legal solutions to problems posed by rapid changes affecting families and the medical sector.
Sustainable environment
Raphael St-Gelais
Sustainable environment

The untapped power of heat

Raphael St-Gelais and his team hope to reap the benefits of an underutilized energy source that is both abundant and sustainable.
Health and wellness
Smita Pakhalé
Health and wellness

Partnering with the marginalized

Smita Pakhalé enlists members of underprivileged communities to work alongside academics in a novel approach to health-care research.
Health and wellness
Patrick O’Byrne
Health and wellness

Caring where it counts

Populations at highest risk for HIV often struggle with access to treatment. Patrick O’Byrne is working to change that.
Digital world
Elizabeth Dubois
Digital world

Playing politics with social media

Elizabeth Dubois probes the changing face of public discourse in an era where tweets can alter lives.

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