Creating a plan for a more sustainable campus.

A new path

The University of Ottawa’s commitment to sustainability is long standing. As a signatory to the Talloires Declaration, the Halifax Declaration, the “Ontario Universities Committed to a Greener World” pledge, the Montreal Carbon Pledge, and most recently, the “Investing to Address Climate Change” Canadian Universities Charter, the University understands how important it is to support talk with action. The Environmental Management and Sustainability Policy (policy 72) and Strategic Plan (Transformation 2030), solidify our commitments as guiding documents that will help focus the University’s attention around a culture of sustainability.

The strategy for the Campus Sustainability Plan has been divided into two volleys; one for immediate response and another for further contemplation. Recognizing that some issues require urgent action, three categories have been identified as strategic candidates (climate, waste management, and experiential learning). These categories were identified through focus groups with University staff and a broad community survey.

Marc-Antoine Joly

“A more meditative approach was identified, allowing the University community time to reflect on how best to tackle the very difficult issues that may come to define the future of our species.”

Marc-Antoine Joly

— Associate Vice-President, Facilities

Our plan