Sustainability Plan Template

Under Policy 72, every Faculty and Service at the University of Ottawa is obligated to create a sustainability plan. This template can help groups create their plans and align them to the University of Ottawa's key sustainability goals.

Sample template

This template is designed to help your department complete your sustainability plan. The template is divided into two sections to help understand your unique challenges and your proposed solutions.

  1. Introduction and background
    These questions are designed to learn more about your group and what special attributes your group possesses that might be to your advantage.
  2. Specific details for your plan
    These questions target the specific actions your group are going to take around the themes of the University’s sustainability targets (climate, waste and experiential learning). Each section has a space for department level actions and the estimated impact it would have.  

If you are looking for a sample template, or ideas about solutions your department could implement, please consult the resources section of our website or contact us at [email protected].