Here’s your chance to make your department more sustainable.

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Through the Sustainability Council, students who are concerned about environmental and social issues join their peers in seeking solutions to sustainability issues as a community. Make a difference and help change the campus!

The Sustainability Council helps shape the University of Ottawa’s sustainability efforts by empowering student representatives from every department to monitor sustainability at uOttawa as a student cohort. The Sustainability Council improves accountability and creates opportunities to find solutions to some of the sustainability issues on campus.

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The Sustainability Council is a subgroup of the Campus Sustainability Committee. The student representatives (one undergraduate and one graduate student from every academic department on campus) are either nominated by their department chair or self-nominated by submitting their candidacy if there is a vacancy within their department.

As a council member, you will be able to directly influence the sustainability of your faculty. You will work with other students and the Campus Sustainability Committee to assess sustainability problems on campus and implement practical solutions.

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What is expected of council members

Sustainability Council members are expected to help drive the sustainability agenda within their department.  

Here is a list of the activities you can expect to work on as a council member:

  • Meet with your department’s senior managers once every term
  • Conduct a sustainability audit of your department every year
  • Participate in one Sustainability Council meeting every term

Want to learn more? Please send us an email.

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