Our goal is to create sustainable transportation alternatives for every campus community member.

Sustainable transportation tips

Alternative and active transportation options have positive impacts for your health and for the planet.

Ditch your car
Using public transit and sustainable transportation can save you thousands of dollars each year.

Learn how to fix a bike
You can learn to repair your bike at the workshops run by the Bike Coop.

Work from home
On days that you absolutely do not have to be on campus, take advantage of working from home and reducing carbon emissions.

For more tips, please check out our Sustainability Tips page.

Three uOttawa employees resting by their bikes

We are creating a transportation hub focused at the University of Ottawa. Our goal is to create sustainable transportation alternatives for every campus community member. 


Walking is the most sustainable form of transportation over short distances. The University of Ottawa has created a pedestrian friendly campus, prioritizing accessible walking spaces and connections between buildings.

  • Interactive map
    When using the uOttawa map for finding directions on campus, you can select the fastest routes or the warmest routes (for the winter time or rainy days)

  • Foot patrol
    Foot Patrol is a safe walk program offered to anyone in the university community. They offer a safe and inclusive environment for you to use while you walk at night.
Students walking on campus


Cycling is one of the best ways to commute to and from the University of Ottawa. The University has created many opportunities to ride around campus safely.

  • Bike racks
    The University provides 170 bicycle racks across the campus; these racks are available to anyone who wishes to use them. You can read about uOttawa's Bike parking policy or take a look at the bicycle rack map.
  • Secure bike parking
    The Parking and Sustainable Transportation division also offers two secure bicycle parking facilities at Montpetit Hall and Desmarais Garage for all students, staff and faculty members. 
  • Winter bike racks
    The University of Ottawa encourages winter cycling by ploughing around certain bike racks to keep them going during the winter. Please consult our map, but if you have suggestions for more winter cycling rack locations, send us a message with a picture of the location.
  • Public bike repair stations
    In case you run into troubles with your bike on campus, there several public bike repair stations on the main campus and one at the Roger Guindon campus.
  • Bike Co-op
    The University of Ottawa Student Union run the Bike Co-op, an inclusive DIY space for beginners as well as experts, well-equipped with tools and expertise needed to repair or build a bicycle.
Indoor bike racks behind a secure fence in the Desmarais building at uOttawa

Public Transportation

Moving to and from the campus isn't always done by active transportation. A variety of options are available to move you around in a sustainable manner.

  • U-pass
    The U-Pass is a discounted transit pass offered to students in the OC Transpo service area, as well as in Gatineau. The U-pass works on buses and on the Ottawa light rail.
  • Shuttle bus
    The uOttawa shuttle bus operates between the main campus, 200 Lees, and the Roger Guindon campus. You can consult the map of shuttle bus stops. It is free to use for campus community members.
The shuttle bus at the University of Ottawa


Sometimes using a car is just the easiest way to travel. But there are still ways of being environmentally conscious while using a car.

  • Electric vehicle parking
    Do you drive an Electric Vehicle? Take advantage of reserved parking and Level 1 charging outlets for EVs and charge your vehicle! 
  • Car pooling
    The University of Ottawa offers a variety of perks to encourage you to carpool to campus. Check out a list of the perks waiting for you.
  • Car share
    Car sharing is a great alternative to owning and maintaining a personal vehicle! The Parking and Sustainable Transportation Office has partnered with VRTUCAR to make car sharing available right on campus.
electric vehicle charging
train ticket icon

Travel by train

If you are travelling, consider using the train. Get 12,5% off each ticket for people traveling with you (up to a maximum of 3 additional tickets).
Via Rail