The University of Ottawa is a leader in developing responsible AI through research, training and innovation that integrate disciplines and communities.

Our mission

The University of Ottawa will achieve its mission by:

  • Leading efforts to understand and frame the ethical, legal and societal implications of AI technologies and their use.
  • Applying a transdisciplinary approach to advance AI methods and tools, with a focus on responsible application, collaboration with community, government and industry partners.
  • Harnessing the unique opportunities in the heart of the nation’s capital to recruit and develop top AI talent in a bilingual environment.
Alignments of red dots

AI at uOttawa

The University of Ottawa is committed to a transdisciplinary research approach that integrates knowledge while addressing society’s most pressing needs. This approach allows us to capitalize on the synergies in our extensive network of researchers, to generate AI knowledge and applications, as well as a better understanding of the societal, educational, ethical and legal implications of AI. 


Artificial intelligence
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Artificial intelligence

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Researchers in the ISSP’s Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research Cluster focus on three overlapping, interdisciplinary, areas of research.
Artificial Intelligence
Cover photo of the AI and health care: A fusion of law and science report
Artificial Intelligence

CIFAR releases new uOttawa-led report on AI and medical devices

The AI + Society Initiative at the University of Ottawa is delighted to announce the release of AI and Health Care: A Fusion of Law and Science. Regul…
Artificial Intellgence
A brain with circuits
Artificial Intellgence

Using Artificial Intelligence to understand how the brain interacts with the ex…

Among the most common illnesses are mental or neurological disorders, which currently affect approximately 450 million people worldwide, and are incre…
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View our future directions in artificial intelligence (AI)

AI report (PDF, 549 Kb)

Our researchers

Over 135 researchers from the social sciences and humanities, health and biomedical sciences and natural sciences and engineering are currently conducting AI-related research. The following Canada Research Chairs are pursuing AI research as part of their programs.

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AI Strategic Areas of Research

uOttawa’s AI research primarily focuses on AI-driven technologies in autonomous vehicles, in biotechnology, in robotics, in medical devices as well as on the ethical, legal and social impact of AI.
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