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As engineers and computer scientists, we will shape the future of society.

Today, the world faces a multitude of increasingly complex challenges: climate change, digital transformation, and resource security—to name a few. These challenges call for sound and smart solutions, as well as the creativity, innovation, and multi-disciplinary skills required to apply these solutions in the most meaningful and integrated ways.

To meet these challenges, we must reimagine how we educate and train future engineers and computer scientists. The University of Ottawa Faculty of Engineering is rapidly expanding its experiential learning approaches and providing students with a multidisciplinary environment for their projects. We’re integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Canadian Engineering Grand Challenges into our programs to use some of the best roadmaps we have at our disposal to address these challenges. We must ensure our solutions are sustainable, flexible, and equitable.

I know our faculty is up to the task. We are committed to offering a top-level education that provides learning and training opportunities for all, that connect students with businesses and businesses with students, so that all of us, together, can shape tomorrow’s reality. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities that will allow us to improve and do better, as engineers and as global citizens.

The disruption that the pandemic has caused to engineering education since 2020 has mostly led to adaptive measures to keep our universities open, but it has also generated outstanding advancements in the way we teach, deeply embedded in the best education practices that have been researched and identified over the past several decades. We are now working intensely to preserve as many of these best practices as possible. We’re not to simply fall back on the old ways, but rather to make some of these new approaches sustainable, and to continuously improve them.

We are ready to make the future, together.

Jacques Beauvais
Jacques Beauvais, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Executive committee

The executive committee of the faculty is the decision-making committee of the faculty. Members of the executive team include the dean and vice-deans, heads of departments and key members of the administrative staff.

Faculty council

The faculty council is made up of the members of the executive committee, professors and students from each department and school and is chaired by the dean.

Curriculum improvement advisory committees

Curriculum Improvement Advisory Committees have been established to look at programs at the Faculty of Engineering. Each committee ensures that the curriculum of the programs it’s responsible for is current and relevant to industry and society.

Committees are composed of alumni and others working in related engineering fields, current students, and the program director. Members comment yearly on data collected about their programs, contributing their expertise regarding industry trends and shifts in the skills and knowledge needed by graduates.

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