Faculty of Engineering Academic Regulations

These academic regulations apply to all students registered in the Faculty of Engineering, and are supplementary to University of Ottawa academic regulations, which take precedence in case of conflict, unless stated otherwise. 

Approved by Faculty Council, May 2022

1. Expectations regarding student behaviour and participation

1.1 Faculty of Engineering students are expected to exhibit professional behaviour at all times during their studies.

1.2 Faculty of Engineering students are expected to be knowledgeable about best practices in health and safety, academic integrity, sexual violence prevention, as well as equity, diversity and inclusion. As such, they may be required to take training sessions (whether for-credit or not) at different times during their studies.

1.3 Active participation (whether in-person or online, if available) in a minimum of 80% of the scheduled course components is required for students to be eligible for a passing grade in courses. If professors wish to apply specific attendance policies and/or use a grading scheme to encourage active participation, they must indicate so on the course syllabus distributed at the beginning of the term.

2. Exams and deferred exams in undergraduate courses

2.1 Mid-term exams, if any, are scheduled and administered by the professors. They must be scheduled during regular course hours, except when it is more practical to have only one exam for several course sections at once. The date and time of the mid-term exams must be communicated to the students at the beginning of the term.

2.2 Assistance from the Undergraduate Studies Office is available to professors for administering final timed assessments or exams, as well as deferred final timed assessments or exams.

2.3 Deferred final timed assessments or exams for engineering and computer science courses take place during the period specified in the “Important academic dates and deadlines” of the University calendar.

2.4 Supplemental exams: see University Regulation A-8.7. 

3. Course grades and conditions for credit

3.1 Professors are responsible for the process of marking final assessments or exams, and for assigning course grades. Teaching assistants may only participate in marking final assessments or exams when questions have objective and unambiguous answers.

3.2 Credit transfers: see University Regulation B-5, and letter of permission.

4. Evaluation of academic standing, and minimum CGPA requirements

4.1 Four-year (or more), 120-unit (or more) undergraduate engineering and computer science programs are categorized as Honours Bachelor’s programs. See University Regulation B-7.

4.2 Undergraduate students registered in Co-op must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 6.0 in CEG, CHG, CVG, CSE, ELG, MCG and MGB and 5.0 in SEG. Note that all SEG students must be registered in co-op.

4.3 Students placed on academic probation should communicate with the Undergraduate Studies Office to book an appointment for an advisement session with an Academic Advisor.