Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a rewarding and challenging profession. Primary endeavours of the civil engineer are building and maintaining the physical infrastructure of our society, as well as the utilization and conservation of natural resources for the benefit of humanity.

View from above of a construction site.

About the department

The majority of the infrastructure that surrounds us is the work of a civil engineer. Airports, pipelines, bridges, sewage treatment plants, buildings, transportation systems, dams, tunnels, harbors, water distribution and wastewater collection systems, industrial facilities, water treatment plants and irrigation channels are examples of the application of civil engineering.

Our students develop expertise in computer applications, field and laboratory testing and project management, and are well equipped to serve society upon graduation.

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Innovative solutions in climate and sustainable research

Sustainable and resilient infrastructure has been one of the Faculty of Engineering’s core areas of research for several years.
Awards and Distinctions
Professor Mamadou Fall
Awards and Distinctions

Civil Engineering Professor Mamadou Fall Awarded University Research Chair

Professor Mamadou Fall has been awarded a University Research Chair in Geotechnical Engineering for Net Zero Transitions. This new chair recognizes Pr…
Élisabeth Mercier studies samples in the lab

Knowledge is power: uOttawa researchers first to track influenza virus via wast…

Philosopher Francis Bacon said it best: knowledge is power. Those words motivated a group of local researchers to use wastewater to track influenza, a…


Undergrad programs

Graduate programs


The Department of Civil Engineering accepts around 150 new undergraduate students annually, and has over 300 graduate students.

It currently has 21 full-time regular faculty members, 3 full-time teaching professors, 4 emeritus professors and 15 adjunct professors, who are actively pursuing research in cutting edge laboratories and supervising graduate students in 8 strong research programs: Blast engineering, Earthquake engineering, Environmental engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Structural engineering, Tsunami engineering, Water resources engineering and Wind engineering.

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