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Alexander Cremer
Alexander did a co-op placement at Tesla in San Francisco, California.
Student Voices

“A co-op internship abroad allows you to make connections across the world with others in your field. My time in San Francisco is something I will never forget, and something I encourage all students...”

Alexander Cremer

— Mechanical Engineering

Alexander did a co-op placement at Tesla in San Francisco, California.

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Transform your bachelor in a dual fast-track degree with Computing Technology

Dual fast-track degrees will get you the same high-quality qualifications in less time. These prestigious and competitive paths reduce the number of overall courses you need to take. Our streamlined approach removes any overlapping course units (credits) across similar curriculums. 

Dual fast-track degrees allow you to: 

  • Save one or two terms of study 
  • Apply once for admission to two obtain degrees 
  • Gain a competitive edge on the job market 

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Student soldering in lab.

Explore options within your degree 

Some degrees offer additional options that allow you to pick courses that suit your interests. Options do not add any extra time to complete your degree. 

Management and entrepreneurship option 

The Engineering Management option will provide you with the necessary skills to pursue entrepreneurial activities and start your own technology-related business. Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and the tools to develop your management skills. Students learn about product development, financing, marketing and building a business plan. 

You can add this option to most engineering or computer science programs. 

Degree-specific options 

Some degrees offer unique degree-specific options. Discover our programs to see which ones are offered. 


Student and professor in civil engineering lab.