Civil engineers design the infrastructure on which their communities depend, such as buildings and their foundations, bridges, canals, dams, transportation facilities, municipal sewer and water networks, and wastewater and solid waste treatment systems.

Civil engineering students at the University of Ottawa can take advantage of world class teaching laboratories, multimedia classrooms and outstanding computer facilities. Students develop expertise in computer application, field and laboratory testing, and project management. Upon graduation, they are well-equipped to serve their communities.

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Regular path - 4 years

Civil Engineering

Dual fast-track degree - 5 years

Civil Engineering + Computing Technology


With the Co-operative Education (CO-OP) Program, you can gain hands-on experience in your field of study while you complete your degree.

CO-OP program requirements, employers, salaries, and details


  • This program is offered in English and in French.
  • All courses are offered in English.
  • French courses are available in first and second year.

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Robert Wang
Student testimonial

“The theoretical knowledge, in conjunction with amazing practical experiences offered by the CO-OP program and the 4th year capstone project, allowed me to gain a significant head start in my career.”

Robert Wang

— Civil Engineering (2017), Structural Geotechnical option with CO-OP

Admission requirements

Admission averages vary between English and French programs. See the French page for the French program requirements.

Please note these minimum requirements are subject to change. Admission is not guaranteed. See the full undergraduate admission requirements for more information.

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