During your studies you may want or have to make changes to your program. For example, you may add a minor or change your specialization or discipline.

Period to request a program change

For the Fall 2019 term:

February 28 to August 31, 2019

For the Winter 2020 term:

October 1 to November 30, 2019

InformationNote that only the faculties of Arts, Science and Social Sciences offer winter admission and that course selection may be limited.

Information fair on program changes

When: Thursday, February 28, 2019, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: Jock Turcot University Centre (UCU), concourse level

At some point during your studies, you’ll have the chance to discover different fields and personalize your program. You can create your own academic path and get a made-to-measure degree based on your choices and program requirements. To discover the possibilities your program offers and see whether your need to make any changes to it, stop by the information fair on program changes.

The fair will include representatives from all six direct-entry faculties (Arts, Engineering, Health Sciences, Science, Social Sciences and the Telfer School of Management), as well as academic advisors, regional mentors, representatives from the CO-OP and career team and French Immersion Studies. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet resource people, ask questions, discuss your program options and even request a change to your program on the spot.

Visit our booths

Ask questions and get information on your program’s possibilities. Each faculty and service will have a booth to offer you information on its programs and services and answer your questions.

Meet an academic advisor or assistant on site

You can meet academic advisers and assistants on site on the day of the fair, or make appointments with them. Take advantage of this if you’re at a booth and you need assistance or have questions about your own academic path.

Request changes to your program

If you’re ready, request a change to your program on the spot. Computers and iPads will be provided. Staff will be there to help you fill out the form and complete your transaction.

Who is this process for?

This process is for undergraduate students who want to make changes to their current bachelor’s program offered in a direct-entry faculty (Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences or the Telfer School of Management).

This process doesn't apply to the following situations
  • You have accepted your offer of admission and are enrolled in your classes, but have yet to start. To change your program, complete the Application for Undergraduate Admission.
  • You’re applying to a professional program offered by the faculties of Education, Law or Medicine. If so, follow the Admissions Office process.
  • You’re in a professional program offered by the faculties of Education, Law or Medicine and would like to transfer to a bachelor’s program in a direct-entry faculty: Complete the Application for Undergraduate Admission.
  • You want to apply to a graduate program. If so, visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website for more information.
  • You expect to graduate soon, or have recently graduated, and would like to complete an additional undergraduate degree. If so, follow the steps to apply for admission.
  • You’re not currently registered in the Co-operative Education Program (CO-OP) and would like to add CO-OP to your main study module. If so, check if CO-OP is offered, then open a session in uoZone and follow the steps in the COOP Navigator. Find out more about CO-OP.
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