Information regarding memberships and fees for students, alumni, employees and retirees, and external community members

Membership type and price

Temporary suspension of membership

The temporary suspension of your membership cannot last more than half of the total duration of the membership and cannot be retroactive to the date of your request. An administration fee of $10 (plus applicable taxes) will be charged. Holders of special summer memberships, members of the APTPUO and University of Ottawa students are not eligible for a temporary suspension.    

To submit your request, please e-mail [email protected] with the subject: temporary suspension of membership. Provide your full name as printed on your access card, the barcode on your access card as well as the dates you wish to apply for the suspension. We will contact you by e-mail within two business days to confirm the status of your request.

IMPORTANT: Please note that once accepted and processed, your request is irrevocable and cannot be modified.  

Personal Trainer

Terms of access to sports facilities

Student and employee cards issued by the University of Ottawa as well as those issued by Campus Recreation are the only recognized official pieces of ID for access to sports facilities, no other piece of ID can be used to enter the facilities. Campus Recreation reserves the right to refuse access to any member who does not have their access card at time of entry.
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