A unique, forward-looking identity.

At the University of Ottawa, we have a long tradition of multiple coexisting identities, and we draw our uniqueness from the prominent position we give to the French language, as well as our commitment to our cultural diversity, which is rich in contrasts and intertwined paths. Our university’s unique feature derives from our belonging to two significant worlds: we are both a major research university and one of the few bilingual institutions that play a special role in Francophone higher education, both in Canada and internationally. We continue to extend our reach and attract a community of students, professors and staff, including thousands of Francophones and Francophiles who enrich us with their dreams, their differences and their individual stories.

Our team

We work to implement the University’s mandate regarding the Francophonie in collaboration with other key actors in this area. We are responsible for advancing the University’s vision for the Francophonie, ensuring that we can play a leading role in the broader intercultural Francophone landscape in Ontario, across Canada and abroad, while we continue to support relentlessly the Francophone cultures and communities around the world.

Francophonie milestones

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