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Département de français

Our department will help you to develop your expertise in French-language literature from around the world and gain writing and communication skills that are rare and highly valued in today’s world.


Generally, you study geography to become a geographer, history to become a historian, philosophy to become a philosopher. So what can you do with a degree from the Département de français, which offers both literature and writing courses? The word “literaturist” doesn’t exist and the term “writer” can mean anything! But that undefined space itself has unlimited possibilities, and it’s where our study interests lie.

After a journey where you’re introduced to French-language literature (from every century, genre and background), to the history of the language, to the art of writing, to creative writing and to text editing, you’ll be able to find your own path. Our alumni now teach French or literature; write texts for politicians or magazines; edit government documents; publish novels, essays, plays or poetry; create blogs for the public; work in publishing houses or in the comedy scene; and much more.

Throughout your undergraduate or graduate program, you’ll be supported by caring, skilled professors who have received numerous awards and distinctions, run major grant-based projects and held research chairs. You’ll be able to take part in the life of our very active department, which, in addition to courses, offers symposiums, lectures by visiting professors, meetings with writers and all kinds of literary events.

The Département de français is a lively place in one of the country’s rare bilingual universities, located in an environment that’s made for learning.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Our programs offer a rich and varied education meant to open doors to teaching French and literature (from elementary school to university), public relations, arts journalism, editing and publishing. They also prepare you, as our alumni’s career paths show, for any positions that require advanced skills in summarizing and expressing ideas, in the private sector as well as in the public service, which is so important in Canada’s capital.

Lettres françaises students
Student testimonial

“During my time at uOttawa, I made friends and forged relationships that will last a lifetime. I am particularly grateful to the Faculty of Arts.”

Nikita Kamblé-Bagal

— B.A. (Lettres françaises avec mineure en psychologie) 2020


Portrait of Claudia Bouliane and Kevin Lambert
Apr 13

Discussion sur les enjeux actuels de la création llittéraire

The Département de français is pleased to invite you to a discussion on current challenges in creative writing with Professor Claudia Bouliane and our…

Three graduates from the back
Mar 30

Entretien avec des diplômées du Département de français

As part of the Mois de la francophonie, the Département de français invites you to an interview with two of its graduates.

Logos of the salon du livre de l'outaouais and the Rendez-vous du premier roman
Feb 26

Book club at the 2023 Salon du livre de l'Outaouais

This event is part of the Salon du livre de l'Outaouais 2023.

Portrait of Kevin Lambert


Every year, our department invites a new francophone writer to come share their experience and expertise with students. This year, we extend a warm welcome to University of Montreal graduate, Kevin Lambert ! The quebec writer is known for his novels « Tu aimeras ce que tu as tué » and « Querelle de Roberval » published at Éditions Héliotrope. His brand new novel « Que notre joie demeure » was also just published at the beginning of September. He will lead various activities, including the creative writing class this winter 2023.
Get his new novel !
Faculty of Arts
tabaret à l'automne
Faculty of Arts

Graduate studies : Séminaires de l'automne 2023

Le Département de français a le plaisir d'offrir quatre séminaires cet automne aux cycles supérieurs.
Faculty of Arts
tabaret in the winter
Faculty of Arts

Graduate studies : Séminaires de l'hiver 2024

Le Département de français a le plaisir d'offrir trois séminaires à l'hiver 2024 aux cycles supérieurs.
SLO, 23-26 février, Salon du livre de l'Outaouais, Terre des livres 2023

Département de français at the 2023 Salon du livre de l'Outaouais

More than 42,000 people who share a passion for literature, including the Département de français community, walked through the doors of the Palais de…

In the media

France Martineau

Chronique linguistique : La langue des soldats

Pour plusieurs soldats canadiens-français, la Première guerre mondiale était une première rencontre avec d'autres dialectes de la langue française.
Nikita Kamblé-Bagal, étudiante au doctorat

Un pas de plus pour l’écriture inclusive au Canada grâce aux lignes directrices…

Nikita Kamblé-Bagal, doctorante à l'Université d'Ottawa, est ravie de cette percée en matière d'écriture inclusive. Sa thèse porte d'ailleurs sur l'usage de l'écriture inclusive dans les médias québécois et français de 1990 à aujourd’hui. « J’ai été très impressionnée par les directives publiées par le gouvernement », indique-t-elle.
Kevin Lambert

«Que notre joie demeure»: Kevin Lambert, voix multiples

Avec « Que notre joie demeure », l’écrivain de 29 ans risque, tout en poursuivant sa réflexion sur le capitalisme, de surprendre les lecteurs de ses deux premiers romans.

The University of Ottawa ranks among Canada’s top 10 research universities. Our research is founded on excellence, relevance and impact and is conducted in a spirit of equity, diversity and inclusion. If you are interested in research in literature and the French language, you will benefit from the multiple theoretical and critical approaches represented among our faculty.

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Harry Kisoka and Elizabeth White

Simard Hall, room 202
60 University
Ottawa ON Canada K1N 6N5

[email protected]

Office hours:
Monday to Friday
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(June and August: close at 3:30 p.m.)

Academic Office

Undergraduate studies
Simard Hall, room 128
How to reach us
Fax.: 613-562-5973
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Graduate studies 
Desmarais Hall, 8th floor
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Administrative Agent

Myriam Bahri
Simard 216
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Directrice du Département de français

Mawy Bouchard
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Directrice des études de premier cycle

Geneviève Boucher
Simard 313
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Directrice des études supérieures

Claudia Bouliane
Simard 214
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