Seeking accountability and dialogue. Our governance of the Francophonie is a shared responsibility of all actors essential to the advancement of the Francophonie and a dialogue involving all members of the community.


The Council on French Services and Programs is a standing committee of the Senate, and it is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of initiatives that will help the University to fulfill Francophone mandate.

The Steering Committee for the Council on French Services and Programs guides the work of bodies involved in governance of the Francophonie.

The Subcommittee on Academic Programs in French oversees the implementation of the recommendations on the Francophonie with regard to programs of study and research in French.

The Subcommittee on Services in French oversees the implementation of the recommendations on the Francophonie, regarding the provision of services in French to the University community.

Annual consultation

The University president holds an annual consultation with the University community and the various Francophonie-related stakeholders on campus, in the Ottawa region and across Ontario, in order to maintain dialogue and to offer a forum for sharing views on issues affecting Ontario’s Francophones.

Whereas the 1965 University of Ottawa Act mandates the University to “preserve and develop French culture in Ontario”; 

Whereas the Action Plan for the Francophonie at the University of Ottawa, as approved by the Senate and Board of Governors, recommends the creation of a mechanism by which the President shall consult the community annually on the University’s strategic directions in terms of services, education, and research in French; 

Whereas it is recommended that this annual consultation involve professors, students, employees, retirees, and alumni from the Francophone community on campus, as well as Franco-Ontarian representatives and Francophiles; 

A President’s annual consultation on the Francophonie is hereby established. 

Under the aegis of the President, this annual consultation, conducted in-person or remotely, will foster dialogue between stakeholders in the Francophonie within the University, locally, and across the province. The University’s priorities and the Council’s annual report will be presented to the participants, whose opinions and suggestions on various issues involving Ontario’s Francophonie will be solicited. 

  1. To convey to University of Ottawa’s senior management issues and priorities expressed by communities represented by Franco-Ontarian organizations on postsecondary education. 
  2. To take note of the University’s priorities, its Action Plan for the Francophonie, and the annual report issued by the Council on French Programs and Services. 
  3. To provide advice and suggestions on the University’s strategic directions with respect to the Francophonie and bilingualism in its academic programs, research activities, partnerships, and administrative services.

Secretarial services will be provided by the Office of the Vice-President, International and Francophonie.