Our Francophonie is unique and daring.

University of Ottawa

French is part of our DNA since the University was founded in 1848 by Bishop Joseph-Bruno Guigues, an Oblate who came from Hautes-Alpes, in France. Our 1965 enabling legislation mandates us to “preserve and develop Francophone culture in Ontario.” Today, we are a leader of education in French language in Ontario and we maintain strong ties with Francophones across Canada, who are well represented in our community. We are helping to build a new Francophonie, unique and daring, and essential to the well-being and development of Francophone communities within Ottawa and beyond.

Language policy

In 1974, the University adopted the Regulation on Bilingualism, which defines our bilingual culture. In 2016, our Francophone mission was recognized officially through our designation as a “government agency” with regards to the provision of education and services in French language, under Ontario’s French Language Services Act.

We recognize the language rights of our community members. Since 2008, a complaint process was established as a formal means to assert our language rights.