Requirements for re-admission

Admission requirements following mandatory withdrawal from a faculty or not being admitted

General rules for re-admission

If you were asked to withdraw from your faculty or were not admitted and you wish to re-apply, you must first meet the faculty's conditions to improve your academic record, in addition to current admission requirements.

For more information about re-admission following mandatory withdrawal, see Regulation B-7 on academic standing, probation and mandatory withdrawal for undergraduate programs.

If you need to, you can enrol for courses at the University of Ottawa as a non-degree student or at another university. 

If you were asked to withdraw from your faculty, you can take up to 12 units per term (four courses) as a special student, but no more than 30 units in total.

If you were not admitted, you can take up to six units (two courses) per term but no more than 30 units in total.

  • You must have attempted a minimum of 24 units (we suggest eight one-term undergraduate university courses).
  • You must have the admission average required by the faculty. Averages can change without notice. If you are a uOttawa student, you must meet the admission average required as listed on our uOttawa students page.
  • The courses you take to raise your average can’t be at a lower level than the courses you’ve already passed. For example, you can’t complete Calculus 1 to raise your average if you’ve already completed Calculus 2. 
  • You can’t take university courses equivalent to high school-level courses to raise your average. 
  • All courses you complete while raising your average are included in the calculation of your admission average. If you have repeated a course, we only count the second grade you receive. See the academic regulation on repeating a course (scroll down to section B-4.5).
  • If you have met the requirements, you must submit a new application for admission by the application deadline.
  • Admission is not guaranteed.

Academic upgrading conditions according to faculty

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