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Tabaret Hall

Building Information

Tabaret Hall is a large building of four storeys plus two basements across five wings: L, C, W, M and N. There are several entrances to the building, including two barrier-free entrances at the south east and the south west sides of the ground floor (Level 0). The principal entrance is not barrier-free. Tabaret Hall is the location of administration spaces including the Registrar, Admissions and Financial Services as well as the office suites of the Central Administration.

The building was given its name in 1971 to honour Father Joseph-Henri Tabaret, OMI, considered the “builder” of the institution. During the 1800s, Father Tabaret was the driving force behind the university for over 30 years, and it was under his leadership that Bytown College became an official university. An ardent defender of bilingualism, Father Tabaret was often heard to say, “in this part of Canada, the use of both languages is not a matter of discussion, it is a matter of necessity.” The university’s administration still remains faithful to these ideals.

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