If you have been withdrawn from the faculty, you will not be permitted to enrol as a regular engineering student for a period of one year (12 consecutive months).

Options after withdrawing from the Faculty

A withdrawal does not affect your right to write a supplemental or deferred examination, if applicable. Should there be a change in your academic performance, following receipt of your supplemental and/or deferred exam result(s), you must submit a written request to the Undergraduate Studies Office at [email protected] in order to have your file reviewed.

If you have been withdrawn from the Faculty after the winter 2017 term:

  • Consult the comments indicated in your grade report in your student center account (via uoZone) for specific information pertaining to this decision.
  • Consult the University policies and regulations if you have any questions concerning academic regulations.

Continuing your studies at the University of Ottawa

If you wish to continue your studies at the University of Ottawa, you have two options:

Make changes to your undergraduate program

If you meet the minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) requirement, you may request a change of program towards another faculty or school at the University of Ottawa. To find the minimum CGPA requirements for another faculty or school, please refer visit the Make changes to your undergraduate program site.

Re-apply for admission to the Faculty of Engineering

Should you wish to re-apply for admission to the Faculty of Engineering after the year-long mandatory withdrawal period, you must:

  1. Improve your academic record by completing a minimum of twenty-four university credits (see below) as a special student.
  2. Meet the Requirements for re-admission following mandatory withdrawal from a faculty or refused admission.
  3. Submit a new application for admission.

Excluded courses to upgrade standing

ADM 1305/1705

Approved courses to upgrade standing

Students can improve their academic standing by taking one of the Faculty-approved courses listed below. Please note that some of these courses require one or more prerequisites.

You must confirm that the courses you require are offered to special students on the Faculty of Science’s website. Some of these courses may not be available every term for special students.

Appealing the mandatory withdrawal

If you consider that exceptional circumstances have prevented you from achieving success in your studies, you also have the right to appeal this decision to the Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) of the Faculty of Engineering.

To appeal, you must submit a letter via e-mail at [email protected]. This letter (1-2 pages) should explain the circumstances that were out of your control and the basis for your appeal. You must explain why your academic standing is unsatisfactory and present the reasons why the Faculty should make an exception to the regulation and allow you to continue your program. Any document supporting your arguments must also be provided.

Letter of appeals submitted without any supporting documents will not be considered.

Your appeal must be made in writing within 10 working days following the date at the date at which you received the e-mail notifying a mandatory withdrawal. The Faculty of Engineering reserves the right to deny requests submitted after the above-mentioned deadline.

The Student Rights Centre, a service provided by the University of Ottawa Students' Union (UOSU), assists students through the appeal process. They are located in room 101 of the University Centre (85 University Private), and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]. You may also visit their website.

We encourage you to meet with your advisor to review your options. In order to make an appointment, please contact us by telephone at 613-562-5918 or by presenting yourself at the Undergraduate Studies Office in SITE room 1020.