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We reached out to the exceptional trainee researchers supported by uOBMRI awards in 2023 to hear how their award has impacted them. Hear what they had to say!
Text reads, "The Future of Brain & Mind Research," with images of uOBMRI 2023 awarded trainees.

"The TRIMS Awards from uOBMRI have been a transformative catalyst for my scientific journey. This recognition not only motivates me to delve deeper into the complexities of multiple sclerosis but also underscores uOBMRI’s steadfast commitment to fostering groundbreaking research and supporting trainees from diverse backgrounds. Beyond acknowledgment, this award symbolizes a shared dedication to advancing the fight against MS. I am truly honoured to contribute to this vital mission alongside the uOBMRI community."

- Monique Almeida, Postdoctoral Fellow, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute


"Receiving the Saroj and Kishori Lal Scholarship is not just an honour, it is a hope for me as a neuroscientist in Alzheimer's Disease to pursue my purpose in my life to find a treatment for people who are suffering from AD. With this support, my project transcends from aspiration to action, from a dream into tangible hope. Together, we are not just researchers; we are guardians of memories, architects of hope, and pioneers on the frontier of a future free from the clutches of Alzheimer's."

- Fatemeh Panahi Arasi, University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute; Department of Neuroscience, University of Ottawa


"My graduate research, supervised by Dr. Ledoux at the CHEO RI, aims to enhance our current understanding of the importance of sleep for pediatric concussion recovery. The uOBMRI Mental Health Trainee Research award has supported me while analyzing the relationships between sleep, symptom burden, and cerebral blood flow in acute pediatric concussion. I am exceptionally grateful for the funding I have received from the uOBMRI and for their support of sleep and concussion research."

- Lauren Butterfield, Graduate Student, CHEO Research Institute ; Department of Neuroscience, Carleton University


"Finances are often a limiting factor for students to fully engage in their academic pursuits. TRIMS funding not only provides an opportunity for recognition and networking, but also relieves some of the financial burden that often comes with pursuing a graduate degree. The TRIMS award has given me the opportunity to share my research in academic and community settings, and gives me the financial security to fully immerse myself in my PhD studies. For me, it is an important factor in being able to produce meaningful, high-quality research."

- Katherine Cardwell, PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa; University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute


“As a recipient of the Mark and Gail Marcogliese Graduate Fellowship, I am deeply grateful for the support that has propelled my research into the effects of chronic, unpredictable stress on mental health. This award has been instrumental in funding my exploration of the enduring impacts of pubertal stress, allowing me to contribute valuable insights to the field. The generosity of uOBMRI has not only advanced my scientific endeavours but also signifies a commitment to fostering research that addresses and contributes to critical issues in mental health.”

- Michaela Dworsky-Fried, Graduate Student, NISE Laboratory, School of Psychology, Faculty of Social Science, University of Ottawa


"I am profoundly grateful of being nominated as an awardee of the Mark and Gail Marcogliese Graduate Fellowship. This fellowship has alleviated my financial burdens and greatly enhanced my student experience. It will allow me to attend prestigious scientific conferences, such as “Brain Barriers” in Cold Spring Harbor, New York (US), as well as conferences in Canada and beyond. This opportunity will expand my knowledge and networking with leading experts as well as propel my research efforts forward."

- Pavel Kotchetkov, PhD Candidate & Core Facility Assitant - Electron Microscopy, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Neuroscience program; Cellular & Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa


"I am extremely grateful to be a recipient of the Francis Matthew Parkinson's Research Fellowship this past year. Receiving this award has helped to alleviate a lot of the financial stress associated with graduate school and has enabled me to really focus on my research. It has been an honour to have my research on astrocytes and Parkinson's disease recognized and I am so thankful to both the uOBMRI and the Parkinson's Research Consortium for this amazing opportunity."

- Jessica McNeill, PhD Candidate, Department of Neuroscience, Carleton University


"The Dave and Jill Hogg Family Fellowship has been an invaluable support, empowering me to delve into understanding the role of the olfactory system in Parkinson's disease initiation. Their generous funding has facilitated the development of novel organoid models, poised to significantly enhance future research.”

- Alp Ozgun, Postdoctoral fellow, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute