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Translational and molecular medicine

Translational and molecular medicine is an area of research that coordinates the application of novel discoveries in biological sciences to practical applications in pharmaceutical or clinical settings. This innovative undergraduate program incorporates clinical observations and questions into scientific approaches designed to improve human health and longevity by facilitating new diagnostic tools and treatments.
Dr. Jonathan Lee

“Translational and Molecular Medicine is science education with a revolutionary difference!”

Jonathan Lee, PhD

— Director, Translational and Molecular Medicine

Message from the director

TMM is a collaborative effort between scientists at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine and its affiliated hospital-based institutes. We offer students the most advanced and innovative learning experience in Canada, integrating theoretical and practical courses with active learning and research work in cutting-edge research laboratories. TMM students learn about biologically relevant medical issues in the largest health network in Eastern Ontario while acquiring the technical and laboratory skills necessary to confront the complex scientific challenges of tomorrow.

TMM students receive research experience in immunology, bioinformatics, neurobiology and behavioural sciences, cancer biology, cutting-edge microscopy, systems biology and structural biology. Students have the unique opportunity of gaining hands-on experience with advanced equipment in a research laboratory setting while addressing important scientific and medical questions. TMM provides the best opportunity in Canada for undergraduate students to conduct real-world experiments in working research laboratories. Students graduating with a degree from the TMM program acquire skills in science writing and communication as well as technical expertise in biomedical research.

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