Top reasons to pursue an Honours Bachelor of Science in Translational and Molecular Medicine (TMM) at uOttawa’s Faculty of Medicine

Why study an Honours Bachelor of Science in TMM?

  • Unique and innovative learning environment: Designed for students who have already completed two years of study in an undergraduate science program, the two-year Honours Bachelor of Science in Translational and Molecular Medicine (TMM) combines theoretical and practical courses that involve collaboration with the Faculty’s affiliated research institutes at Bruyère, CHEO, Hôpital Montfort, The Ottawa Hospital, The Royal and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.
  • Academic excellence: Launched in 2016, the program’s first cohort of students graduated in the spring of 2018. Since then, with 33% of TMM graduates have been accepted into an MD program and 55% of them going on to a graduate school. 
  • SEA-PHAGES (TMM3009).  In this 3rd year TMM lab, students isolate, characterize, name and photograph their own bacteriophages (viruses). Students sequence and annotate the genome of their virus and submit the data to GenBank. This discovery based lab is a cornerstone of the TMM experience.   
  • Small classes and personal attention: Our classes are small and student-centric, with only 80 students admitted per year, providing them with a chance to interact one-on-one with international experts in the biomedical field. Some of our 4th year classes only have 2-3 students in them.
  • Gain laboratory experience. 3rd year TMM students spend their winter term doing research in a Faculty of Medicine laboratory.  4th year students spend the Fall and Winter terms doing research for their honours program. In addition, 4th year TMM students get a chance to use state of the art facilities in Advanced Methods Laboratory courses (AML). AML facilities include equipment for bioinformatics, immunology, neurobiology and behavioural sciences, cancer biology, high-end microscopy techniques, systems biology and protein X-ray crystallography. 
  • Bilingualism: The program is offered in both French and English, and also includes a course in Science Communication that helps students improve their presentation and networking skills. 
  • Integrated graduate school.  TMM offers an integrated BSc-MSc and BSc-PhD programs to complete two degrees in a rapid fashion.