The education provided by professors in TMM will be unique.


  • Students will get an earlier exposure to biomedical research and a focus training on human health.
  • More emphasis will be placed on enhancing the students’ laboratory skills and research abilities.
  • New third year level courses were created to develop a comprehensive understanding of the molecular basis of diseases.
  • A large variety of advanced laboratories will be offered to fourth year students to provide them with the basic tools required to tackle modern biomedical research challenges.
  • Clinicians in the Faculty of Medicine will contribute to student training, which will formidably enhance their learning experience.
  • Limited enrolment to all new courses will foster student-professor interaction. Enrolment to the program itself will initially be limited to 80 students.
  • Professors will use hybrid course formats that promote active learning. Courses will involve fewer traditional lectures and, as appropriate, either CBL, PBL, team-learning, self-learning, online activities, etc.
  • Within the first year in the program, students will complete two research projects in the laboratories of two researchers working in different areas of biomedical research.
  • The Honours project is expanded to 12 credits, allowing students to better develop their research skills and tackle more ambitious challenges.

Program details