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LIFE Research Institute

Live well. Live long. Live with voice and choice.

About the LIFE Research Institute

Who we are

Ageing begins at birth and is our response to the multitude of factors and influences faced throughout our life trajectories. The LIFE Research Institute assembles researchers and partners with diverse perspectives who work collaboratively to understand how we are guided along the unexpected trajectories of life. We expect this knowledge will transform how we view the roles for individuals and society in ageing and create new opportunities for life fulfillment and well-being. We want to inspire individuals to live the longest, best lives possible honouring the many varied choices along the way.

What makes us different

We start from concrete questions that are important for health and well-being and we create teams to answer them. By adopting a multi-sectorial approach that includes academics and students from various disciplines, government agencies, the private sector and communities, we are able to develop knowledge, innovate in practice and create evidence-based policies.

What we do

The LRI was created to foster real changes in individuals' experiences by working with stakeholders from many sectors. Its ultimate objective is to leverage the extraordinary knowledge that is created by uOttawa researchers and their collaborators to impact whether individuals live long, live well, and live with voice and choice.

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Mission and vision

The VISION for the LIFE Research Institute is: To act as a leading innovative research hub for understanding and integrating biological, psychosocial and environmental dimensions of life trajectories with the view to foster optimal wellbeing throughout the lifespan. 
The MISSION for the LIFE Research Institute is: To bring together multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial expertise to advance knowledge and training on issues related to individuals’ realignment to changing biological, physical, mental and social environments throughout the life cycle.


The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, with the Director of the LRI as its chair, sets the strategic goals and priorities for achieving and maintaining a competitive position on the national and international stage. The Steering Committee implements the strategic plan and the mission and vision of the Institute.

The Learning Committee

The Learning Committee focuses on the acquisition of knowledge or skills related to life trajectories and ageing. The LRI supports learning in all age groups and in all sectors, including the population at large, through collaborations and innovative training and learning options.

The Research Committee

The Research Committee ensures that the research at the LRI is leading edge and of the highest quality. Its members are made up of all levels and areas of expertise, without distinction of their membership to other institutes or centres.

The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is a high-level committee that advises the LRI Steering Committee on matters pertaining to the strategic directions of the Institute. As members of the local, national and international community, these members are in an excellent position to offer both constructive advice on the Institute’s proposed areas of strategic direction and research as well as to advise the LRI on promising new directions of inquiry that correspond to the mission and vision of the Institute. It is also designed to ensure ethical, financial and regulatory alignment of the Institute with the University of Ottawa and the current Charter.

To learn more, please reference our charter (PDF, 177KB).

News and events

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InfoIRL | LRInfo Capsule Interviews

As the start of the 2023-24 academic year approaches, we are happy to announce the launch of new projects at the LRI. We have started a new YouTube initiative allowing members of the LRI to highlight their research and engage an audience in the form of short, easy-to-understand capsule interviews with the Director of the LRI, Nafissa Ismail. As we continue to flesh out the YouTube capsules, we plan to incorporate many interested members and external guests as a means to help develop the use of the YouTube channel, draw attention to the LRI, as well as to engage the public in an understandable and relatable way.

Other News

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