Our collaborators

The more knowledge we have about trajectories, including earlier paths, the better we can ensure robust health in later life and the more we can ensure that quality of life prevails despite health limitations. This is only possible through the help of our collaborators who have given to our projects and our Institute through both in-kind participation and financial support. These local, national and international partnerships have supported or continue to support the use of research to:

  • Influence policy and advocacy through governmental and international connections.
  • Influence the development of technologies and business approaches through research collaborations with the private sector.
  • Influence care and clinical practice through collaborations with clinical testing centers.
  • Build stronger communities by including business, government, academics, and NGOs in advancing the societal changes necessary to respond to the demographic age boom.


The International Longevity Centre Canada (ILC–Canada) has worked in partnership with the LIFE Research Institute and the University of Ottawa since 2016. It is an independent, non-partisan policy think tank focusing on advocating for the rights of older people in Canada and supporting the application of knowledge to positively impact our aging world so that older people can lead healthy, fulfilling and active lives. Part of a global alliance of 16 countries, their mission is to propose ideas and guidance for policies addressing population aging based on international and domestic research and practice with a view to bettering the lives of Canadians. ILC-Canada works with the LRI, the private sector, the civil society and the governments to inform and influence important decision-making processes. ILC-Canada is a strong advocate for a United Nations n Convention on the Rights of Older People.

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2019: In September 2019, the LIFE Research Institute and Sodexo launched a call for proposals on the Future of Health and Well-being. Sodexo has pledged 150,000 € ($217,000) for the first year of this collaboration, which will fund three projects per year.

2018: The LIFE Research Institute is currently collaborating with Sodexo on the development of an audit tool.

2017: Development of a guide for sensitizing Long-Term Care Communitiesnorth_eastexternal link to the importance of the five senses in quality of life (Lead researcher: Dr. Chantal Backman, School of Nursing). In collaboration with Sodexo, the guide was produced for targeting organizations who service older adults who may need assisted services. The document outlines key messages and provides approaches for enhancing organizational and public awareness of the importance of the senses in assisted living environments.