Certificate in Human Resource Management


Candidates applying for admission to the certificate must have some professional experience (a minimum of two consecutive years of full-time relevant work experience is required). They should include a résumé with their application indicating the extent and relevance of prior experience. This will have a significant impact on the admission decision.

ADM1100 Introduction to Business Management 3
ADM1340 Financial Accounting 3
ADM2336 Organizational Behaviour 3
ADM2337 Human Resource Management 3
ADM2341 Managerial Accounting 3
ADM3333 Staffing Organizations 3
ADM3334 Industrial Relations 3
ADM3337 Compensation Administration 3
ADM4336 Occupational Health & Safety 3
ADM4338 International Training and Development for Sustainability 3
ADM4339 Strategic Human Resource Planning 3