Honours BSc in Physical Geography


The extended French stream is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

This program is currently under revision. At this time, we are not accepting applications.

BIO1130 Introduction to Organismal Biology 3
CHM1311 Principles of Chemistry 3
CHM1321 Organic Chemistry I 3
ENG1100 Workshop in Essay Writing 3
ENG1112 Technical Report Writing 3
GEG1301 The Physical Environment 3
GEO1111 Introduction to Earth Systems 3
GEO1115 Introduction to Earth Materials 3
MAT1330 Calculus for the Life Sciences I 3
MAT1332 Calculus for the Life Sciences II 3
PHY1121 Fundamentals of Physics I 3
PHY1122 Fundamentals of Physics II 3
GEG2301 Geomorphology 3
GEG2304 Climatology 3
GEG2320 Introduction to Geomatics 3
GEO2334 Quaternary Geology and Climate Change 3
GEG3306 Quaternary Paleogeography 3
MAT2379 Introduction to Biostatistics 3
GEG3102 Hydrology 3
GEG3105 Remote Sensing 3
GEG4010 Recherche dirigée en géographie physique / Directed Research in Physical Geography 6
GEG4921 Camp d'automne de géographie physique / Physical Geography Field Camp 3
12 optional course credits from:
GEO2163 Introduction to Mineralogy 3
GEO2164 Analytical Methods in Mineralogy 3
GEO2165 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation 3
GEO2307 Environmental Geology 3
GEO2321 Structural Geology and Tectonics 3
GEO3163 Igneous Petrology 3
GEO3166 Siliciclastic Sedimentology 3
GEO3342 Introduction to Hydrogeology 3
GEO3352 Geological Data Analysis 3
GEO3382 Geochemistry 3
GEO4341 Advanced Physical Hydrogeology 3
GEO4342 Natural and Contaminant Groundwater Geochemistry 3
GEO4354 Quantitative Analysis in Geology 3
12 optional course credits from the list of optional courses
9 optional course credits in geography (GEG) at the 4000 level from the list below.1
9 optional course credits in geography (GEG) other than those listed in the list of optional courses.
15 elective course credits
This program satisfies the academic requirements of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario.
1GEG4000 and GEG4001 cannot be counted towards this requirement.
List of Optional Courses
List of Optional Courses
GEG3101 Advanced Geomorphology 3
GEG3114 Biogeography 3
GEG3300 Selected Topics in Physical Geography 3
GEG3302 Natural Resource and Environmental Management 3
GEG3312 Advanced GIS 3
GEG4000 Étude sur le terrain / Field Research 6
GEG4001 Étude sur le terrain dans le Nord / Northern Field Research1 6
GEG4100 Glaciology 3
GEG4101 Permafrost Environments 3
GEG4118 Environmental Impact Assessment 3
GEG4120 GIS and Numerical Spatial Analysis 3
GEG4121 Applications of GIS in Natural and Social Sciences 3
GEG4126 Seminar in Physical Geography 3
GEG4129 Global Climate Change 3
1This course requires a prerequisite which is not included in the program.