The table below includes only the discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on the Honours bachelor's with double major and the Honours bachelor's with major and minor.

Major in Music Studies


French immersion is available when taken as part of an honours degree.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

3 course credits from :
MUS1303 Materials of Music I 3
MUS1191 Sight-Singing and Dictation I: General1 3
MUS1192 Sight-Singing and Dictation I: Intermediate1 3
MUS1193 Sight-Singing and Dictation I: Advanced1 3
MUS1194 Sight-Singing and Dictation I: Enriched1 3
MUS2306 Theory and Analysis I1 3
MUS2307 Theory and Analysis II 3
MUS2331 Forms and Styles I: Middle Ages and Renaissance 3
MUS2332 Forms and Styles II: Baroque and Early Classical 3
MUS3306 Theory and Analysis III 3
6 optional course credits from:
MUS1901 Cours d'instrument / Solo Performance Studies2 3
MUS1920 Cours d'instrument I : instrument secondaire / Applied Music I: Secondary Instrument2 3
MUS2304 The Sound of Rock 3
MUS2310 Music in the Movies 3
MUS2324 Selected Topics in Musical Aesthetics and Criticism 3
MUS2371 Introduction to Music and Science 3
MUS2382 Introduction to World Music 3
12 optional course credits from:
MUS3110 Music Education I 3
MUS3111 Music Education II 3
MUS3302 Selected Topics in Music Theory and Analysis2 3
MUS3305 Music and Critical Thought 3
MUS3307 Theory and Analysis IV2 3
MUS3308 Popular Music in Society 3
MUS3315 Music and Computers I 3
MUS3333 Forms and Styles III: Late Classical and Early Romantic2 3
MUS3334 Forms and Styles IV: Late Romantic and Early Modern2 3
MUS3335 Twentieth-Century Music 3
MUS3338 Opera2 3
MUS3901 Orchestre / Orchestra2 3
MUS3902 Harmonie / Wind Ensemble2 3
MUS3903 Production d'opéra / Opera Production2 3
MUS3904 Ensemble chorale / Choral Ensemble2 3
MUS3905 Choeur Calixa-Lavallée / Calixa-Lavallée Choir2 3
MUS3907 Ensemble de guitares / Guitar Ensemble2 3
MUS3908 Ensemble de jazz / Jazz Ensemble2 3
MUS3909 Choeur de cuivres / Brass Choir2 3
MUS3910 Ensemble de cuivres / Brass Ensemble2 3
MUS3911 Ensemble de vents / Woodwind Ensemble2 3
MUS3912 Ensemble baroque / Baroque Ensemble2 3
MUS3913 Ensemble de percussions / Percussion Ensemble2 3
MUS3914 Ensemble de musique contemporaine / Contemporary Music Ensemble2 3
MUS3915 Ensemble mixte / Mixed Ensemble2 3
MUS3916 Ensemble de pianos / Piano Ensemble2 3
MUS3917 Accompagnement / Accompaniment2 3
6 optional course credits from:
MUS4301 Seminar I2 3
MUS4302 Selected Topics in Music Education2 3
MUS4310 Selected Topics in Score Analysis2 3
MUS4315 Topics in Music Technology2 3
MUS4910 Stage / Practicum 3
MUS4924 Projet de recherche I / Research Project I 3
MUS4928 Recherche avancée en musique : méthodes et outils / Advanced Research in Music: Tools and Methods 3
1A written test at the beginning of course MUS1191, MUS1192, MUS1193, MUS1194 and MUS2306 will determine placement in an additional weekly lab.
2Enrolment subject to audition, prerequisite, and/or permission of the School of Music.