Joint Honours BA in Environmental Studies and Geography (Bilingual Program)


The French immersion stream is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2010-2011 calendars for the previous requirements.

ENG1100 Workshop in Essay Writing 3
PHI1101 Reasoning and Critical Thinking 3
Three credits from:
ENG1120 Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction 3
ENG1121 Literature and Composition II: Drama and Poetry 3
Three credits from:
PHI1102 Moral Reasoning 3
PHI1103 Fundamental Philosophical Questions 3
PHI1104 Great Philosophers 3
Environmental Studies (39 credits)
At least 12 credits specific to the program, excluding bilingual courses, must be taken in the second language.
BIO1130 Introduction to Organismal Biology 3
ENV1101 Global Environmental Challenges 3
BIO2129 Ecology 3
ENV2301 History of Environmental Thought 3
ENV2504 Méthodes de recherche en géographie et études environnementales 3
PHI2398 Environmental Ethics 3
ENV3321 Geographical Approaches to Environmental Issues 3
ENV4118 Environmental Impact Assessment 3
ENV4910 Recherche sur le terrain / Field Study Course 3
ENV4920 Séminaire de recherche en études de l'environnement / Research Seminar in Environmental Studies 3
Six credits from:
CHM1100 Chemistry and the Human Environment 3
ECO2121 Economics of Globalization 3
POL1102 Politics and Globalization 3
PHY1703 Physique et environnement 3
Three optional credits in ENV at the 3000 or 4000 level
Geography (42 credits)
GEG1301 The Physical Environment 3
GEG1302 Places and Spaces of Human Activity 3
MAT1371 Descriptive Statistics 3
GEG2320 Introduction to Geomatics 3
GEG2918 Camp d'automne I / Field Camp I 3
GEG3302 Natural Resource Management 3
GEG3303 Health Geography 3
Three optional GEG credits
15 optional GEG credits at the 3000 or 4000 level
Three optional GEG credits at the 4000 level1
27 elective credits
1Excluding GEG4000, GEG4001, GEG4019, GEG4100, GEG4128, GEG4920 and GEG4921
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