We offer a variety of different Fitness Program options, run by our Certified Personal Trainers. Whichever program you choose, you can be assured our unique client focused approach will support your overall health and well-being.  

We are passionate and committed to working with you to achieve and excel in whatever your fitness goals may be; whether it's weight loss, sport specific training, muscle building or movement for everyday life- we have the knowledge and enthusiasm to support your fitness journey! 

Individual personal training sessions include one-on-one, tailored, specific programming and training with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. Once you've completed an initial consultation with your trainer, they will create a custom individualized program to fit your goals and needs. Together you will work to coordinate a realistic and achievable plan to set you up for consistent success!  


Number of sessions 

Price - Private 









*Consultations are mandatory for all new personal training clients. 

Note: these prices include tax

Looking to get fit with a friend? Then this program is for you! With Semi-Private training, you have the benefit of working with a Certified Personal Trainer, alongside a friend or partner at a reduced cost. Studies show that training in pairs or groups increases efficacy and positive outcomes!  


Number of sessions 

Price - Semi-Private (Cost per person) 









*Consultations are mandatory for all new personal training clients. 

Note: these prices include tax

In addition to individual and semi-private training, we also offer a variety of different classes that are taught by our Personal Trainers. These classes are open to any level of client from beginner to advanced! Following a 6-10 week training program, these classes offer skill development in a group setting along with the confidence to hone your skills on your own. Classes are offered at many different times/locations on campus to cater to your busy schedule. If you're interested in the types of classes, and schedules we offer check out the list below! 

Personal Trainer

How to Sign-Up

Interested in signing up for our personal training services? Simply fill out a personal trainer request form and bring it to the front desk at one of our fitness centres in Montpetit Hall or at the Health and Lifestyle Centre and one of our certified trainers will contact you.
Sign-up form (PDF)

Meeting with your trainer: what to expect...

Your very first meeting with your trainer will be the mandatory initial Consultation. 

  1. Coordinate where to meet; out of the two facilities HLC or MNT; 

  1. Complete the Client Health History Questionnaire; this is to get background information on your current health status; 

  1. Goal Setting! Discuss goals and objectives for your training sessions; 

  1. Finally, you will have a movement assessment that allows the personal trainer to determine a baseline for you movement capabilities. 

For the session, remember to bring: 

  • Fitness attire; 

  • Fitness footwear; 

  • Water bottle; 

  • Towel, optional; 

  • Valid ID; 

  • Method of payment; 

  • Doctor’s note, if applicable. 

After your initial consultation, you will be accompanied by your trainer to purchase the consultation and training package to fit your needs!