The University of Ottawa committed to internationalization and Francophonie

Consultations on the Francophonie: Summary Report

The Vice-President, International and Francophonie, is pleased to present you with a report summarizing the consultations that took place last spring. The document, titled “Towards a Renewed Francophonie at the University of Ottawa: A Shared Responsibility,” encapsulates the main findings emerging from the exchanges on key topics such as living in French on campus, programs of studies in French, publication and research in French and administrative and faculty services in French. These consultations have been very productive, and they urge us to do more together and do better so that our francophone communities can thrive. We invite you to read this report with indulgence, and we hope that you will find points to reflect upon as well as many reasons that will bring us together in building the future of our university.


Towards a renewed Francophonie at the University of Ottawa: A Shared Responsability, Summary Report (PDF 3.88 MB)



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