Dr Gautam Goel
Dr Gautam Goel
Chargé de cours

BSc (pharm.), MD, CCMF-MU, MSc (HCSE), candidat (2022)

L’Hôpital d’Ottawa
L'Hôpital Queensway Carleton


École de médecine

  • Université de Toronto, 2014


  • Médecine familiale, Hôpital St. Michael’s, Université de Toronto, 2016
  • Bourse de recherche : Médecine d’urgence, Université de Toronto, 2017

Intérêts personnels

  • Musique
  • Hockey


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  • Poureslami I, Goel G, Harris D. Health Literacy and Stroke Management: A Systematic Review. Canadian Association of Emergency Medicine (CAEP) Conference. 2014 June.
  • Finkelstein Y, Goel G, Hutson J, et al. Drug Misuse in Teens Presenting to Emergency Departments in the United States. Pediatric Academic Societies Conference. 2015 April.
  • Finkelstein Y, Goel G, Hutson J, et al. Drug Misuse in Adolescents Presenting to the Emergency Department. Pediatric Emergency Care. 2017 July: 33(7), p. 451-6.
  • Goel G, Foote J. Facial rash in a 48-year-old woman: A case report of suspected leprosy in the emergency department. Canadian Family Physician. [In Press Accepted Manuscript]