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Par Avery

Student, International Development and Globalization

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“I really have enjoyed this internship as my experience working with an NGO.”

Avery, International Development and Globalization, Alternatives, India, India Civil Watch International

In the last few weeks of my internship with India Civil Watch International (ICWI), I have been able to practice some real tangible skills that really made me feel like a real member of the team and feel that my work has had value for the organization. I have been able to find a new passion for communications and design, something that I have never believed myself to be very capable at, but after creating a few reports for my NGO, I was lucky enough to have received considerable praise and encouragement from my team.

This encouragement from my coworkers and supervisors has been a repeating factor that has allowed me to really want to work better and to really feel like I was actually helping. One of my supervisors also encouraged me to do some social activism of my own, in the form of writing a letter to my MP. This was a sort of final assignment to show to my organization exactly everything I had learned concerning the issues they were focused on, as well as to help promote their organization in Canada.

I really have enjoyed this internship as my experience working with an NGO, after having worked various government jobs I was a little lost and did not know in what direction my career was going. But after this internship, I seem to be a little clearer. It’s so nice to have work experience in a place where I am not only interested in the work they are doing, but also feel like I can actually be an important part of the team someone who is beneficial to the organization. I’m just so happy to have had an experience where going forward, I can see exactly what I want, instead of wondering if I will be able to find a career I enjoy.