Concussion Research for the Body and Mind (en anglais seulement)

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Dr. Andrée-Anne Ledoux
“The findings of this study should give every health care professional who manages kids with concussions the confidence to prescribe early and controlled return to physical activity, even if they have symptoms. The study confirms that early return to physical activity is safe, can reduce concussion symptoms and reduces the rate of delayed recovery,” - Dr. Andrée-Anne Ledoux

Resuming non-contact physical activity 72 hours after a concussion is safe and may also reduce symptoms and the risk of delayed recovery, suggests the first and largest real-world, randomized clinical trial on the topic conducted with children and youth aged 10 to 18. 

Led by CHEO Scientists Dr. Andrée-Anne Ledoux and Dr. Roger Zemek, the findings of the clinical trial called PedCARE published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, received significant national and international media attention, including a cross-country radio syndication run and feature on CBC’s The National.  

(as reported by CHEO-RI on July 12, 2022)

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