The Leica Thunder Imager is an upright microscope for fluorescence, transmitted light, and true color imaging. This instrument is equipped with Leica’s computational clearing and deconvolution to remove out-of-focus blur, enhance contrast, and sharpen details. The software Navigator function can be used for rapidly generating sample overviews for subsequent selection of areas of interest.

Instrument specifications

Leica thunder upright microscope

Stand model

Upright Stand Leica DM6 B

Microscope controls

•Fully Automated objective nosepiece, reflector turret and light path control

•Fully motorized stage (x,y) and focus control (z)


Leica Application Suite X (LAS X) with Leica thunder software module is capable of Instant Computation Clearing (ICC),  Small Volume Computation Clearing (SVCC) for cells, yeast, and other thin samples, and Large Volume Computational Clearing (LVCC) for tissue sections, embryos, organoids, and other thick samples.


  • Widefield system for image acquisition, processing, and quantification.
  • Multi-channel imaging
  • Time series
  • Z-stack
  • Tile scanning (navigator)


  • 1.25×/0.04 HC PL Fluotar
  • 10×/0.32 HC PL Fluotar
  • 20×/0.75 HC PL Apo IMM CORR CS2
  • 40×/0.95 HC PL Apo CORR
  • 63×/1.40-0.6 HC PL Apo Oil

Reflected light Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Fluorescent Light source: EL6000
  • Filter name           | excitation    | Dichroic Mirror |   Emission 
    • DAPI               350/50            400                   460/50
    • GFP                470/40            495                    525/50
    • Cy3                545/25            565                    605/70
    • Texas Red       560/40            585                    630/75
    • Cy5                 620/60           660                    700/75
    • Cy7                 710/75             760                   810/90

Transmitted Light Microscopy

  • Transmitted light source: LED
  • Brightfield


  • Leica K5 sCMOS monochrome camera, 2048 x 2048 pixels (for fluorescence imaging) 
  • Leica Flexacam C3 Camera, 12 MP CMOS sensor (for histology dyes)


  RGN 3142