Assisted Decision-Making and the Proposed EU AI Regulation : An Emerging Paradigm Shift From Consent to Contextually Mitigating Human Rights Violations

Karen Eltis | Slaw | 24 novembre 2021

Facebook needs to be broken up and the pieces regulated

Valerie Steeves | National Post | 14 novembre 2021

To protect our privacy and free speech, Canada needs to overhaul its approach to regulating online harms

Yuan Stevens | La Conversation | 20 octobre 2021

Why Facebook and other social media companies need to be reined in

Jane BaileyValerie SteevesJacquelyn Burkell, & Kaitlynn Mendes | La Conversation | 18 octobre 2021

Federal election 2021: Why we shouldn’t always trust ‘good’ political bots

Elizabeth Dubois | La conversation | 19 septembre 2021

Electronic tracking of voters is a thorny topic in a tight federal election race

Elizabeth DuboisSara Bannerman, Nicole Goodman, Jenny Zhan & Julia Kalinina | La conversation | 16 septembre 2021

A Taxonomy of Judicial Technological Competence

Amy Salyzyn | Slaw | 24 juin 2021

Privacy in the Precision Economy: The Rise of AI-Enabled Workplace Surveillance during the Pandemic

Teresa Scassa | CIGI | 8 juin 2021

Canada must act fast to prepare for the quantum age

Florian Martin-Bariteau & Tina Dekker | iPolitics | 31 mai 2021

Canada long overdue for a data commissioner

Florian Martin-Bariteau | The Hill Times | 10 mai 2021

Misplaced priorities: why has the government lost interest in privacy?

Michael Geist | The Hill Times | 5 mai 2021

It’s no longer a question about having vaccine passports but how they should be designed

Vivek Krishnamurthy & Colleen M. Flood | Toronto Star | 5 mai 2021

More dynamic solutions to privacy violations needed

Suzie Dunn | The Hill Times | 5 mai 2021

Young Canadians deserve better with the Digital Charter Implementation Act

Jane BaileyJacquelyn Burkell, & Valerie Steeves | The Hill Times | 5 mai 2021

Fingers Crossed for a Sandbox!

Amy Salyzyn | Slaw | 15 avril 2021

Canada’s Defense Strategy Falls Behind in the Quantum Age

Tina Dekker & Florian Martin-Bariteau | Lawfare | 2 avril 2021

Vaccine certificates should not come at expense of other COVID priorities

Chidi Oguamanam | Policy Options | 16 mars 2021

Planned social media regulations set a dangerous precedent

Vivek Krishnamurthy | The Conversation | 15 mars 2021

The case for a COVID-19 vaccination certificate

Colleen M. Flood & Bryan Thomas | The Globe and Mail | 22 février 2021

Five Things to Know About the Clearview AI Findings

Teresa Scassa CIGI |17 février 2021

A Canadian Model for Bridging the Private Governance of Online Speech in the Wake of New Privacy Proposed Legislation

Karen Eltis | Slaw | 25 janvier 2021


Replacing Canada’s 20-Year-Old Data Protection Law

Teresa Scassa | CIGI | 23 decembere 2020

A Taxonomy for Lawyer Technological Competence

Amy Salyzyn | Slaw | 18 decembre 2020

Please show your vaccine certificate

Colleen M. FloodVivek Krishnamurthy, & Kumanan Wilson | Policy Options | 11 decembre 2020

Ottawa’s new broadcast bill could spell the end of Canadian ownership requirements

Michael Geist | The Globe and Mail | 1 decembre 2020

New Privacy Bill is a Data Protection Reset for Canada

Teresa Scassa | Policy Options | 24 novembre, 2020

Beware of the unintended consequences: why Canada’s internet streaming regulation plan could raise consumer costs and reduce competition

Michael Geist | The Hill Times | 19 novembre 2020

Ottawa should tax tech giants, not treat them like an ATM

Michael Geist | The Globe and Mail | 16 octobre 2020

It’s time to reboot Canada’s failed digital agenda

Michael Geist | The Globe and Mail | 17 septembre 2020

AI technologies — like police facial recognition — discriminate against people of colour

Jane BaileyValerie Steeves et Jacquelyn Burkell | The Conversation | 24 août 2020

Canada is unprepared for a pandemic election – and it could happen at any time

Michael Pal | The Globe and Mail | 13 juillet 2020

Companies are increasingly turning to social media to screen potential employees

Elizabeth Dubois | The Conversation | 8 juillet 2020

Heritage Minister raises possibility of link tax for internet companies

Michael Geist The Globe and Mail | 21 juin 2020

COVID-19: In the Shadow of Ebola, the Patent War to Come and a Forgotten Africa

Chidi Oguamanam | ABS Canada | 25 mai 2020

One app per province? How Canada’s federalism complicates digital contact tracing

Teresa Scassa | Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Washington, DC | 20 mai 2020

Let’s Weaponize Social Media Against COVID-19

Vivek Krishnamurthy  | Slate |  15 mai 2020

Five ways a COVID-19 contact-tracing app could make things worse

Jason Millar | Policy Options | 15 mai 2020

Side effects may vary: lack of evidence prompts vigilance when considering contact-tracing apps

Jason Millar The Hill Times | 6 mai 2020

After the tech-lash: new digital policy priorities in the post-pandemic world

Michael Geist | The Globe and Mail | 5 mai 2020

“Trial by Zoom”: What Virtual Hearings Might Mean for Open Courts, Participant Privacy and the Integrity of Court Proceedings

publié le 9 avril 2020 par Amy Salyzyn sur Slaw

Five ways a COVID-19 contact-tracing app could make things worse

publié le 15 avril 2020 par Jason Millar sur Policy Options

Privacy rights should drive our approach to using personal data during pandemic

publié le 9 avril 2020 par Teresa Scassa sur Policy Options

Patents Cannot Impede Canada’s Response to COVID-19 Crisis

publié le 6 avril 2020 par Jeremy de Beer sur Centre for International Governance Innovation

Children’s privacy is at risk with rapid shifts to online schooling under coronavirus

publié le 2 avril 2020 par Jane Bailey et Valerie Steeves sur The Conversation