La plateforme technologique Centre d’imagerie préclinique (CIPC) abrite de l’équipement fournissant une gamme d’applications pour l’imagerie structurelle et fonctionnelle chez les petits rongeurs vivants ainsi que des études ex vivo et in vitro.

IVIS spectrum (en anglais seulement)

Notre système 

The PCIC houses the IVIS® Spectrum (Perkin Elmer). The IVIS Spectrum is equipped with filters enabling both bioluminescence and fluorescence 2D and 3D imaging. The equipment is operated through Living Image software which allows you to choose from 3 basic types of imaging: imaging of 1 target, spectral unmixing for imaging multiple targets, and 3D imaging. Using automatic settings allows for easy and comparable imaging that can be quantified both in 2D and 3D. Choice of different ROI types are available for in vivo, ex vivo, and in vitro imaging. The equipment gives the option of imaging up to 5 mice per image. 

Station spectrale IVIS

Les exemples des images acquisent par notre Spectrum IVIS

Images de souris IVIS avec bioluminescence et fluorescence

IR VIVO (en anglais seulement)

PCIC is excited to welcome in the next few months a new member of the imaging equipment: optical imaging system IR VIVO by Photon etc. (Canada).

This special optical imaging equipment uses detection in the near infrared with emission spectral range 850-1620 nm. You can use the advantage of reduced light scattering, absorption, and auto-fluorescence as well as high spatial and temporal resolution and penetration depth. Addition of real-time imaging feature of this optical system is perfect for monitoring drug and metabolite kinetics. While imaging, you can also take advantage of contact-free monitoring of heartbeat and respiratory rate.

Discover this coming technology!

For more information visit IR VIVO™ | Photon etc.

Instrument IR VIVO


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