Conferences with Writing Leaders

Nos leaders en rédaction juridique sont des étudiantes et étudiants avancés dans leurs études de droit, qui possèdent de solides compétences en rédaction juridique et en analyse et sont formés comme pairs mentors dans le domaine.

Exploitez votre plein potentiel en rédaction juridique

  • Want To Become A Skilled And Critical Reader Of Your Own Work?
  • Looking For Ways To Become Your Own Best Editor?
  • Want Strategies To Recognize Your Strengths And Make Good Writing Choices?
  • Need Advice On Clarity And Structure?
  • Want To Become A Skilled And Critical Reader Of Your Own Work?

Sign up for an individual 45-minute Legal Writing Conference with a LWA Writing Leader.

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Our Writing Leaders are upper-year law students with strong legal writing and analysis skills, trained as legal writing peer-mentors to help other students become better writers. You can bring a completed assignment or a work-in-progress to the conference.

Conferences begin October 12, 2021. Sign-ups begin on September 28. You can book conferences two weeks in advance.

Signing up is easy.

Go to Legal Writing Academy Student Resources on Brightspace. In the Writing Conference With LWA Leader’s module you’ll find a Writing Conference Group folder through which you and 25 other first-year students can connects to the Calendly sign-up calendars of five Legal Writing Academy Leaders.

We invite you to open your group folder and to meet some of our writing leaders.

Here’s a short PDF on how to book through Calendly: Calendly Student Sign Up Instructions (PDF, 1,406 KB)

If you have any problems with booking, please email [email protected].