Breaking the ice

Posted on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jacques Frémont shakes a young woman’s hand as another woman looks on.
Jacques Frémont met with uOttawa students at the meet-and-greet reception held at Tabaret Hall.          Photo: Robert Lacombe

By Mike Foster

Jacques Frémont, the President-Designate of the University of Ottawa, toured the campus on Wednesday, January 20, for casual “meet-and- greet” sessions with staff, deans and members of the Board of Governors.

Mr. Frémont said that these informal meetings were a great way for him to break the ice and connect with staff at all levels before he officially takes over from Allan Rock on July 1, 2016.

Chief Archivist Michel Prévost led Mr. Frémont’s tour of the main campus before the president-designate met with the directors of services and faculty representatives and had lunch with the College of Deans, which includes the University’s vice-presidents and the Chief Librarian.

Mr. Frémont later attended a meet-and-greet reception hosted by Robert Giroux, Chair of the Board of Governors for an introduction to some 400 uOttawa staff, students and faculty as well as administrators and deans from Saint Paul University

Mr. Frémont said his informal visit and tour were the first steps in establishing a dialogue with the university community.

“This will be a learning process for me. I will count on the contributions of our faculty, students and support staff to maintain the wonderful momentum that Allan Rock has built for this university. President Rock has been instrumental in the development of uOttawa and I have big shoes to fill!”  said Mr. Frémont.

Allan Rock, who has served as President and Vice-Chancellor since 2008, said that he looked forward to working with Mr. Frémont throughout the transition period that ends on June 30, while he continues to focus on the important objectives he has set for the remaining six months of his term.

“We have exciting things to finish before Jacques takes the helm on July 1,” said Mr. Rock.

President Designate Jacques Frémont (pictured left) and President and Vice-Chancellor Allan Rock walking and smiling on campus with snow on the ground.
President Designate Jacques Frémont (pictured left) and President and Vice-Chancellor Allan Rock took a short walk around campus after a breakfast meeting with the Administration Committee and the chiefs of staff. Photo: Robert Lacombe.

Jacques Frémont looks on as Chief Archivist Michel Prévost points to a wall of photographs of former University leaders.
Chief Archivist Michel Prévost (pictured left) briefly described the history of the University, which dates back to 1848, to President Designate Jacques Frémont. Photo: Robert Lacombe

Jacques Frémont speaks with a man and a woman.
Jacques Frémont took a moment to speak with two directors of services at the University of Ottawa. Photo: Robert Lacombe

Jacques Frémont talks to a group of women
Jacques Frémont mingled with students and staff at the meet-and-greet reception held at Tabaret Hall.     Photo: Robert Lacombe

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