Registration forms and tools

We’ve gathered our most useful registration forms and tools on this page to help you make a well-informed course selection and plan your timetable before the start of the registration period.


You can complete most course registration transactions online by logging into the student portal uoZone. However, if you need to make your request in person or complete a specific task, here are the forms you might need.

Course registration (regular students)

If you're admitted to a program and you want to register for courses at the University of Ottawa for the first time, complete the Registration — Undergraduate form (PDF). This form can replace online registration through Rabaska.

Course registration (special students)

  • If you’d like to register as a new special student to the University of Ottawa, in other words, without being admitted to a program, please begin the registration process by filling out the special students (undergraduate) personal identification form.
  • If you have previously registered for a course at the University of Ottawa or Saint-Paul University, or have studied at either university, please fill out the special student (undergraduate) registration (PDF) form.
  • If you fit into the personal interest sub-category, submit your form to InfoService. If you fit into the transfer of credits, upgrading or professional certification categories, submit your form to the academic secretariat of the faculty or school offering the course.

Course registration (incoming exchange students)

If you're taking a course at the University of Ottawa as part of a student exchange, complete the Registration — Incoming Exchange Student form (PDF) before you arrive and send it to the academic advisor of the University of Ottawa faculty you've been assigned to. He or she will be able to register you for your courses for the duration of your exchange at the University of Ottawa.

Change or cancellation of registration (regular and special students)

If you wish to change or cancel your registration, try to do it first online in uoZone, or by selecting Drop courses in InfoWeb (accessible through uoZone). If you can't, complete the Modification/Cancellation of Registration form (PDF) and bring it to the academic secretariat of your faculty or school.

Permission to take courses at another university

If you'd like to take one or more courses at a university other than the University of Ottawa or Carleton University, complete the Letter of Permission request form (PDF) and submit it to the academic secretariat of your faculty or school.

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Administrative fees apply for the letter of permission request.

University of Ottawa-Carleton University exchange program

If you're a University of Ottawa student and would like to study at Carleton University as part of an exchange agreement with Carleton, complete the Exchange Program — University of Ottawa-Carleton University form (PDF) and submit it for approval to the academic secretariat of your faculty or school.

Request for prior-learning recognition

We recognize that learning occurs not only by taking university credit courses (or their equivalent) but also through other means: career experience, self-teaching, non-credit courses, workplace training, etc. Prior learning recognition (PLR) makes it possible for students who have acquired knowledge in a non-traditional manner to receive advanced standing for a course with a specific course code offered at the University, or in certain cases, to be granted an exemption. To request PLR, complete the Request for Prior-Learning Recognition form (PDF) and submit it with all the required documents to the academic secretariat of your faculty or school during your first session at the University of Ottawa.

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Administrative fees apply for the request for prior-learning recognition.

Sample timetable tools

Create sample timetables to get ready before the official course registration period begins. This way, you’ll have a better idea of courses you want to add to your timetable when you log into Rabaska.

Course timetable

Search all courses offered at the University of Ottawa, read course descriptions and find out which sections are offered, when and where. You can also see the professor’s name about one month before the start of the session.

Use the course timetable tool.

Timetable template

Build your course timetable for the Fall and Winter sessions. The template is already divided into timeslots according to the University’s course schedule.

Printable PDF | Excel version


Many registration-related tools are accessible by logging into the student portal uoZone. Here are a few.


Rabaska is your tool for managing your course registration throughout your time at the University of Ottawa. It allows you to find out what the course requirements for your program are and build a schedule that works for you, all from the comfort of your own home, 24 hours a day.

Courses — Places available

When you register, you have access to courses based on criteria such as your program of studies, your discipline and your year of studies. The Courses – Places available tool allows you to view the number of spots available in a course for someone with your profile as well as the total number of places available in the course.

Confirmation of registration

The Confirmation of registration tool checks the accuracy of both your personal data, such as your name, date of birth and other personal details, and your academic data, such as the program you are registered in, the session (Fall or Winter), your classification (part time or full time), the courses you are registered for and the registration confirmation numbers. It serves as your proof of registration at the University of Ottawa.

S Report — Evaluation of teaching and courses

Students fill out a teaching evaluation questionnaire to evaluate all courses consisting of at least nine hours with the same professor. Once compiled, results are available in the S Report, which describes certain aspects of a professor's teaching methods. The report is available through uoZone, under Applications.

Other useful resources

Undergraduate program and course calendars

Consult the official source of information on all University of Ottawa undergraduate programs. You can find your program requirements, such as which mandatory, optional and elective courses you need to take, and read course descriptions.

Find your program in the list of programs offered by discipline.

Rabaska tutorial

Created to help you use our online registration tool, the Rabaska tutorial contains tips and explains functions like finding and changing courses, checking your program requirements, working with your audit and much more.

Consult the Rabaska tutorial.

Understanding course schedules

Better understand how to read course codes and know the differences between teaching methods. You will also find links to consult a full list of codes and abbreviations used in course and exam timetables

Learn to understand course schedules.

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