Essential Qualifications for the Position of Chancellor of the University of Ottawa

The essential qualifications for the position of Chancellor as set by the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors in consultation with the university community are as follows:

  • Has an interest in and supports the quality of university experience; possesses the ability to understand and be sensitive to the needs and concerns of all members of the University community;
  • Is diplomatic in nature and is generous, welcoming and warm of character. Will demonstrate compassion and be accessible to the University community;
  • Is fully fluent in French and English, and has a proven ability to exercise leadership skills in both linguistic communities;
  • International exposure and experience would be an asset. The Chancellor is usually a prominent member of the general community, whose appointment brings prestige to the University nationally and internationally;
  • Ability to rally stakeholders from the University community and partners, either from business or socio-cultural backgrounds to collaboratively meet University objectives;
  • Ability to provide leadership in fundraising campaigns as appropriate;
  • Ability to represent and promote the University in public, private, and community events. The Chancellor is required to be an effective communicator, comfortable in a wide variety of public and private settings and across a diverse range of audiences;
  • Will be available to fully pursue his/her mandate.

Role of the Chancellor of the University of Ottawa

The Chancellor is the titular head of the University.

The Chancellor presides over convocation ceremonies, confers degrees, and is an honorary member of the Board of Governors and an ex-officio member of the Senate.

The Chancellor represents the University at important events held on and off campus, such as commemorative ceremonies, student welcoming activities, presentation of prizes and other university events like special lectures and conferences as well as visits by dignitaries.