Admission to a Program

(Approved by the Senate on April 17, 2023, effective May 1, 2023)

For a student to be admitted to a program at the University, all of the program’s admission requirements must be met. The requirements and procedures for admission to a program of studies can be found on the uOttawa website.

Unless otherwise specified in the program regulations, a student shall not enrol in more than one program at the same time.

Students who want to enrol in courses in order to earn a degree must be admitted to a program of studies. Once a student is admitted to a program, the student is considered a regular student.

B-3.1. Second-language requirements

(Approved by the Senate on September 8, 2008)

The University promotes the acquisition and development of second language (English or French) abilities and recognizes such proficiency.

The University does not, however, require bilingualism (English and French) except when the requirements of a program include the knowledge of both languages.

B-3.2. Granting advanced standing

(Approved by the Senate on April 17, 2023, effective May 1, 2023)

The University will consider granting advanced standing for courses taken at other postsecondary institutions, provided that:

  1. the learning outcomes of these courses correspond to the required and/or optional courses in the program for which the candidate is applying;

  2. the units for these courses were earned while the student was a degree candidate in a comparable program at a university or college recognized by the University;

  3. the candidate has earned the passing grade in these courses;

  4. the number of units claimed for the course does not exceed the total number of units earned in the corresponding course offered at the University of Ottawa.

Students must complete at least 50 percent of the program requirements at the University itself, regardless of specific requirements and any advanced standing granted, except in the case of formal Senate-approved agreements between the University of Ottawa and other institutions. For Faculty of Education undergraduate programs, 50 percent of the practicum requirements must also be completed at the University of Ottawa.

B-3.3. Admission requirements for international students

(Approved by the Senate on January 11, 2010)

International applicants who seek admission to an undergraduate program must have an academic record equivalent to that required of Ontario students, including language requirements.