Major Research Paper

The new Regulation C-8 – Major Research Paper will take effect on September 1, 2023.

C-8.1 Definitions

In these regulations:

•    “supervisor” designates the professor who supervises the student during the writing of the major research paper

•    “evaluator” designates the professor who will participate in the evaluation of the major research paper once it is submitted to the supervisor.

C-8.2 General requirements of the major research paper

The major research paper must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the existing literature in the subject area.

The major research paper must also demonstrate the ability to perform independent, graduate-level work in the discipline.

C-8.3 Enrolment and deadlines

Before enrolling in the major research paper course, the student must have completed all other program requirements. Students may enrol for only one term, as the course is not a continuous activity.

Students must submit their major research paper within the term of enrolment, and by the date specified in this regulation.

C-8.4 Major research paper format

Each program is responsible for establishing the acceptable format of the major research paper. The major research paper is generally a maximum of 50 pages. Regardless of the format, the general requirements specified in point 8.2 must be satisfied.

It is expected that before the beginning of the term of enrolment for the major research paper, the student and the supervisor will establish the following points:

1-    Research paper topic: The topic may be developed from previous academic work or a special project, with the approval of the program director. In such cases, the professor previously responsible for the academic work or special project will normally be the supervisor. The research paper must demonstrate a significant advancement in the development of the research, beyond what was demonstrated in the original work;

2-    List of readings;

3-    A work schedule to meet the deadline identified in 8.5.

C-8.5 Deadlines for submitting the major research paper for evaluation

The major research paper must be submitted no later than the last day of the official exam period, as identified in the Important academic dates and deadlines calendar.  

If the student is unable to submit their major research paper by that date, the student will be required to submit a request for a deferred evaluation, as per the Academic Regulation: Evaluation of Student Learning.

C-8.6 Evaluation and notation of the major research paper

The major research paper is submitted to the supervisor and the evaluator for independent evaluation unless otherwise specified in the regulations for the specific program.

There is no possibility of modifying the major research paper, as is the case for theses. A grade of S or NS will be issued on the student’s transcript.

In the case of programs requiring two evaluations, if the supervisor and the evaluator have not reached a unanimous verdict, a meeting will be held between the dean (or delegate), the supervisor, and the evaluator to discuss points of disagreement. Following this discussion, the dean (or delegate) will determine the grade of S or NS.

C-8.7 Appeals

The grade is issued by two professors (supervisor and evaluator) and is final. The dean (or delegate) of the faculty offering the program will hear appeals only on procedural grounds.