Access to the University of Ottawa Archives

Approved Administrative Committee 737.5



1. The purpose of this Policy is to provide access to information in the possession of the University of Ottawa Archives, in accordance with University of Ottawa Policy 90 on access to information and protection of privacy.


2.1. All published records already in the public domain such as directories, policies, circulars, and minutes of Board of Governors and Senate meetings that have been created by University of Ottawa employees in the course of their duties are available for consultation and reproduction.

2.2. In general, all other records are available for consultation after verification by University of Ottawa Archives’ employees. These employees apply the rules on access to information, protection of privacy, copyright, and reproduction and use of records, as well as any other rules set by the University of Ottawa.

2.3. After verification by University of Ottawa Archives’ employees, when consultation or reproduction restrictions apply to a record, the person requesting access to the record has to obtain the written permission of the officer of the academic or administrative unit that created the record or from the author of the record. This authorization needs to be submitted to the University of Ottawa Archives’ employees. A completed access to information request form must accompany the request for consultation of the record.


3.1 Notwithstanding paragraph 2.3, the Registrar has access to student records created by the academic units without obtaining the permission of the latter.

3.2 Any exception to this policy requires the written approval of the Administrative Committee.

Revised March 28, 2007

(Office of the Vice-President, Governance)