Insurance Responsibilities

Approved Executive Committee of the Board of Governors 67.23



1. When an incident results in third party bodily injury or property damage, under no circumstances is a University employee authorized to discuss or admit responsibility either verbally or in writing, or that the University is negligent and thereby accepts liability. The only comment that may be made is that the incident will be referred to our insurance adjusters for investigation.


2. Materials Management Services is responsible for administering the University's insurances, in close cooperation with the University's Legal Counsel. Consultation and cooperation with the Legal Counsel is required for all aspects of insurance rules and regulations as well as for evaluation of insurance needs, negotiation of insurance contracts, and possible solutions for damages incurred.

Materials Management Services analyses insurance requirements, negotiates and takes out the necessary insurance policies.

Materials Management Services is also responsible for ensuring proper insurance coverage for all of the University's listed properties, chattels, and equipment.

3. Deans and directors are responsible for establishing with Materials Management Services their respective requirements to provide proper coverage of the equipment. Directors responsible for the following services will ensure that the University is adequately covered under the different types of insurance in accordance with their particular responsibilities:

  • a) Computing and Communications Services;
  • b) Physical Resources Service;
  • c) Financial Services;
  • d) Human Resources Service;
  • e) Materials Management Services.

Directors of these services will ensure that provision is made in their respective budget account for the payment of premiums to be borne by their service.

4. The cost of additional insurance required by any faculty, school or service must be provided for in their respective budgets. Self-financed services will ensure that provision is made in their respective budgets for their respective share of basic premiums as well as for applicable costs for franchises specific to their unit.

5. All University insurance policies shall be submitted to the Legal Counsel of the University for review prior to acceptance. This requirement includes both insurance policy renewals and new policies as well as amendments to existing policies.


6. The Director, Materials Management Services, is responsible for insurance coverage for the University concerning:

  • a) Property Insurance including special coverage for the following:

    Collection of paintings

    Collectors' books

    Exhibit of works of art

    Professional belongings of employees

    Goods loaned to employees

    Goods outside Canada

    1. General insurance
  • b) Guarantee Bond;
  • c) Marine Insurance;
  • d) Motor Vehicle Insurance;
  • e) Motor Vehicle Insurance (other than ownership);
  • f) Boiler and Machinery Insurance;
  • g) Additional Expenses and/or Loss of Income Insurance;
  • h) Comprehensive General Liability;
  • i) Construction Insurance;
  • j) Loyalty and Theft Insurance;

unless such insurance coverage is the responsibility of the department or the service concerned.

7. The Director of Materials Management Services is responsible for ensuring that proper coverage concerning service contracts under his authority is obtained, whenever necessary:

  • a) Guarantee Bonds;
  • b) Certificates from the Contractor for required Liability Insurance;
  • c) Property Insurance;
  • d) Automobile Insurance.


8. The Director of Physical Resources Service is responsible for ensuring that proper coverage concerning maintenance and refurbishing projects is obtained, whenever necessary:

  • a) Guarantee Bonds;
  • b) Certificates from the Contractor for required Liability Insurance;
  • c) Property Insurance;
  • d) Motor Vehicle Insurance.

The Director must also provide Materials Management Services with an annual report of maintenance and refurbishing projects for proper adjustment of the construction insurance coverage.

9. In the case of the above, the Director of Physical Resources Service will ensure that the limits of coverage are sufficient and that the policies and/or bonds are duly endorsed in favour of the University.


10. Protection Services must forward a copy of all reports to Materials Management Services and to the Office of the Legal Counsel, where accidents or incidents resulting in bodily harm or loss of property or damages to property has occurred and reports on incidents that may involve the University's immediate or future involvement.


11. The Director of Financial Services is responsible for proper coverage of the following:

  • Loyalty and Theft Insurance: The Director will provide Materials Management Services with the coverage requirements, periods for which supplementary coverage is necessary and the locations where this coverage applies.

The Director of Financial Services will provide Materials Management Services with information for coverage of the following: additional expenses, loss of rents, business interruption, and annual increase of property values.


12. The Human Resources Service's Manager, Environmental Health and Safety, analyses all accidents which occur at work and, when necessary, conducts investigations. He also provides Human Resources Service with information on each accident.

13. The Director of Human Resources Service is responsible for coverage concerning:

  • a) Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan - see Policy 9b;
  • b) Unemployment Insurance - see Policy 9a;
  • c) Supplementary Health and Hospital Insurance Plans;
  • d) Workers' Compensation Plan;
  • e) Group Life Insurance Plan (Compulsory and Optional programs);
  • f) Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.


14. All personal property belonging to employees that is kept in University buildings should be protected by insurance taken out by the employees.

15. When an employee's personal property (excluding personal motorized licensed vehicle) must by necessity be used in the exercise of his official duties at the University, it is protected by the University of Ottawa's Insurance policies.

16. In case of loss or damage, the coverage for personally-owned professional property used in connection with the practice of an employee's profession or work or for purposes incidental thereto all while contained in any building occupied by the University of Ottawa situated in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec is limited to $10,000 per employee with $250 deductible per claim. After a claim is received, the dean or director must confirm in writing that the personally-owned property in question was used in connection with the employee's profession or work and was of direct benefit to the University. If replaced, coverage will be for replacement cost with like kind and quality. If not replaced or irreplaceable, then coverage will be on depreciated value basis or appraised market value provided that the employee has had the item evaluated by a professional appraiser.

17. Each employee is responsible for filing and updating with Materials Management a personal inventory in accordance with Procedure 4-4 - Materials Management.

18. The University carries liability insurance covering private personal vehicles used directly or indirectly on University business. This coverage is restricted to public liability and protects the University only, not the owner or the passengers.


19. The employee's personal effects which are not directly connected with the employee's profession or work are not covered by the University's insurance. It becomes the employee's responsibility to carry insurance for such property.


20. During working hours, any incident of any kind must be reported immediately to the Protection Services (local 4-3333) for emergency action as appropriate and proper notification to Materials Management Services. The dean or director is responsible for immediately reporting incidents to the proper channels.

21. After working hours and on weekends or on holidays, the Protection Services (local 4-2442) must be notified immediately of all incidents pertaining to a loss or possible loss to the university community.

22. Whenever a loss is reported, the Protection Services will immediately notify the dean or director concerned, the Director of Materials Management Services dealing with insurance matters, and any other department concerned with executing emergency measures. If warranted, the insurance broker(s) will also be notified.


23. The dean or director whose inventory has suffered an insured loss is responsible for pursuing the insurance claim through Materials Management Services.


24. The University deals with a minimum number of insurance brokers, to the extent that this is practicable, concerning all general insurance needs. To facilitate this arrangement all correspondence and dealings with the University's insurance broker(s) concerning extent of coverage, claims, reports, etc. will be coordinated by the Director, Materials Management Services.

25. All invoices for the payment of premiums of all general insurance policies must be approved by the Director, Materials Management Services before forwarding to Financial Services.

26. The invoice for the premium of any special insurance policy must also be approved by the service or faculty concerned before it is forwarded to Financial Services for payment.


27. No exception may be made to this policy without the written consent of the Vice-rector, Resources.

Revised March 24, 1993

(Materials Management Services)