Temporary Use of University Space

Date : 1967-02-23
Instance of approval: Executive committee of the Board of Governors
  • Date: 1995-03-29
  • Date : 2019-08-21
    Instance of approval : President
Originating/Responsible Department : Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs


1.1 The Purpose of this Policy is to ensure a responsible approach to the temporary use of University space by University staff, students and external individuals or groups.


2.1 For the purposes of this Policy the following definitions apply:

  • Activity” means a meeting, workshop, conference or an event to be held in a University Space.
  • Designated Space Administrator” means a University administrative or academic unit or employee designated by the University to manage the reservation of certain University Space for temporary use.
  • University Space” means any interior or exterior space or facility which is occupied, owned or leased by the University,


3.1 This Policy applies to all University staff and students, to all academic and administrative units, to University student groups and any external individual, organization or group who seeks to use or who has been provided with temporary use of a University Space for an Activity.


4.1 The use of University Space is subject to this Policy, administrative procedures adopted by the University pursuant to it and to the terms and conditions as may be established and amended from time to time by the University.

4.2 The temporary use of University Space for an Activity is subject to availability and to academic priorities and needs.

4.3 The temporary use of University Space for an Activity is a privilege and is not a right.

4.4 The University supports and encourages freedom of expression, as set out in Policy 121 Statement on Freedom of Expression, in the use of the temporary use of University Space where those responsible for the Activity promote the safety and security of participants, demonstrate respect for the values of equality, diversity and inclusion, seek to prevent harassment, violence and discrimination and respect this Policy.

4.5 Neither the acceptance of a request for the temporary use of a University Space nor the holding of the Activity in a University Space shall be construed as a University endorsement or as condoning of the Activity or of the individuals responsible for organizing or conducting the Activity.

4.6 For all Activities intended for the University community, those responsible for the Activity must respect the bilingual character of the University and ensure service and materials (advertising, signage) in relation to the Activity are provided in both French and English. Those who fail to do so, will be required to take corrective measures; failure to correct this deficiency may result in the cancellation of the Activity and/or in the refusal by the University of future requests made by those responsible for the Activity.

4.7 The University may refuse access or require Activity participants to leave a University Space if amounts payable for the Activity have not been paid or if the University has reason to believe that the use of the University’s Space, even if previously authorized, or an Activity participant:

  • a) is in contravention of any University policy, procedure or directive;
  • b) is in conflict or competition with services delivered or made available by the University;
  • c) is in contravention of any law, regulation or rule (whether federal, provincial or municipal) or order of a court or tribunal;
  • d) poses an unacceptable risk to the health or safety of people;
  • e) poses an unacceptable risk of damage to property;
  • f) does not respect the values of equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • g) seeks to promote hatred, harassment, violence or discrimination toward an individual or group.

4.8 At its sole discretion, the University may:

  • a) accept or refuse any request for temporary use of University Space;
  • b) cancel, reschedule or relocate any reservation of University Space;
  • b) suspend or deny future reservations for individuals, organizations or groups who fail to pay any outstanding invoice or any amounts owing resulting from the use or cancellation of proposed temporary use of University Space;
  • c) determine and require the nature and extent of additional security services needed for the Activity and the cost of such services to be paid by those responsible for the Activity;
  • d) require and demand proof of adequate insurance coverage with respect to personal and property damage arising out of the use of a University Space.


5.1 Designated Space Administrators are responsible for ensuring compliance with this Policy and all University policies, procedures and guidelines regarding the reservation of temporary use of University Space. A Designated Space Administrator is also responsible for bringing to the attention of the Provost and Vice-President Academic Affairs for determination and decision any proposed Activity, proposed temporary use or any other matter in relation thereto that involves or could potentially involve a freedom of expression issue.

5.2 The Provost and Vice-President Academic Affairs has the authority to:

  • a) decide on freedom of expression issues and / or whether a proposed Activity or proposed temporary use of University Space raises matters concerning Policy 121 Statement on Freedom of Expression,
  • b) reconsider a decision or determination made by a Designated Space Administrator or other University staff , to make a final decision on the temporary use of a University Space or on whether an Activity may take place or not in a University Space; and
  • c) rule on a complaint arising from this Policy or arising from a freedom of expression matter.


6.1 The Provost and Vice-President Academic Affairs is responsible for periodic review of this Policy.

6.2 Amendments to this Policy other than those set out in section 6.3 below shall require the approval of the Administration Committee.

6.3 The Provost and Vice-President Academic Affairs may amend this Policy in order to update the following information contained herein:

  • a) the designation, title or identity of officials, offices, or departments within the University;
  • b) the title or citation of legislation, regulations, policies or procedures.

6.4 The Provost and Vice-President Academic Affairs may establish, amend, abrogate or make exceptions to procedures for purposes of the effective implementation of this Policy, provided that such procedures or exceptions are consistent with the provisions of this Policy.