Approved Administrative Committee 1412.8



1. This policy sets out the conditions governing food services needed for the proper operation of the University.

2. Indeed, in the carrying out of its mandate, the Universityneeds well-structured mechanisms that can provide efficient foodservices while making good use of the University's facilities.


3. Materials Management Services has full responsibility for food-service administration on campus. Specifically, this responsibility involves negotiating and implementing all University food-service contracts and insuring that this policy is complied with.

4. Materials Management Services will coordinate activities of various companies and of student organizations, faculties and services,to meet users' requirements while obtaining the benefits of a competitive market.

5. Based on the principles and the role set for food services, Materials Management Services' mission includes the identification and monitoring of food-services needs, related policies and procedures, researching, planning, developing, co-ordinating, marketing and the implementation of food-services operations. Materials Management Services will negotiate and implement all food-service contracts, control the quality of food services, most notably by analyzing all factors that affect the quality, especially price / quality / service ratios, revitalize or improve various food services and make them profitable or self-financing, as circumstances dictate, harmonize the food-service activities of faculties, services and student groups to ensure that clients obtain what they need and have access to a fair market, consult with faculties, services and student groups to help them organize their food-service projects and maintain and renovate facilities and equipment, etc...


6. This policy applies to:

  • - all food services provided by Materials Management Services
  • - all food services offered by the University's partner companies
  • - all food services offered on University property by studentgroups, by the Student Affairs Directorate and by faculties andservices
  • - all food services offered by any other party.


7. To ensure that the food-service market on campus does not become oversaturated, the University must carefully regulate the opening of food-service outlets.

8. Proposals to open food-service outlets in University buildings or houses or on University lots must be sent to the Director of Materials Management Services for assessment and approval.

9. Deans and directors must be sure to obtain priorauthorization from the Director of Materials Management Services before they allow a food outlet to be set up, expanded or relocated in theirsector.


10. Faculties, services and associations who open a food-service outlet after having obtained the University's authorization to do so (through the Director of Materials Management Services) must help coverall of the costs brought about by the operation of the outlet (maintenance, renovations, equipment renewal, etc.) and they must pay royalties or rent to the University according to rates that have been negotiated or that have been set through calls for tenders approved by the University.

11. Business partnerships between student organizations and University or company units offering food services must be authorized in advance, in writing, by the University through the Director of Materials Management Services. The University will not honour unauthorized agreements or arrangements between student organizations and companies, even if these agreements have already taken effect.

12. Any contractual agreement between student organizations and companies under contract to the University becomes void as soon as the contract between the company and the University ends.

13. Possible contract renewals and extensions between the company and the University do not apply to contractual agreements between the same company and any student organization.

14. The University shall at no time tolerate after-the-fact situations created through contractual clauses issues set between student organizations and the selected company or in the event of interpretation of contractual contents.

15. Authorized contracts between student organizations and companies must contain the following clauses:

  • the University accepts no responsibility for incidents orconflicts between the student organization and the company in question;
  • all contracts between student organizations and companies must comply rigourously with University policies, procedures and decisions.


16. The University statement on the environment, approved on February 7, 1990 by the Administrative Committee, calls for food-service policies and practices that preserve and protect the environment.

17. All suppliers of food services must therefore comply with directives designed to protect the environment.


18. The University rigourously applies anti-smoking regulations for public institutions.

19. Any company wishing to operate on campus must first obtain the approval of the Director of Materials Management Services, under policy 36 entitled "Supply of Goods and Services".

20. The company selected as the mainfood-service provider for the University has exclusive access to central kitchens and equipment, to the cafeteria, to the dining room and to food satellites, as well as the privilege of offering meal plans and bed-and-breakfast arrangements. Exclusive catering rights for the main food-service provider are limited, however, to the Jock Turcot University Centre and to the Blue Room.

21. All companies, student organizations, faculties and services having obtained a food-service contract or authorization to offer food services from the University must pay royalties or rent to the University.

22. Bar services must be co-ordinated by the Bar Services unit of Materials Management Services; they must also comply with applicable laws and with University regulations.


23. Faculties, services, the Student Federation and its constituent units, the Graduate Students' Association, the Residents'Association, and the staff of Materials Management Services must adhere to the University's commitments and to all contracts negotiated by Materials Management Services.


24. There can be no exception to this policy without the written approval of the Administrative Committee.

Published April 30, 1997

(Material Management Services)